Angel Lorelei is a 19 year old female human. She is 5'7 and weighs about 170 pounds.

She wears a special suit of armor that increases her power, defence, and speed to superhuman levels. This special suit of armor is made of ebony. Ebony is a darkish metal that boasts top-class toughness. It can withstand extreme heat and cold as well as wet and dry environments.


Angel is comical, optimistic, and cheerful. She always tries to help others if they're in need. She also seems to have a crush on her friend Dillan. Angel is easy to get along with and once she decides to do something, no one or nothing can stop her from doing it. However, if her friends get injured near her, she becomes an entirely different person. One that would kill 50 guys and not give even a hint of remorse.

Powers and Weaponry

Angel has a sword called Fafnir. Fafnir is almost 12 feet long and Angel wields the 200 pound sword with ease. It is nearly unbreakable and even lava cannot mark it. But it has a mind of its own and it imposses its will on Angel the more she uses it. Eventually causing her to enter Iblis Trigger mode.

In Iblis Trigger mode, Fafnir grows to almost 24 feet long. It can easily cut through buildings and even mountains now. This also increases Angel's already strong affinity for magic to unbelievable levels.

Angel can also use magic, this magic is 1 of 3 fypes. White magic is to heal, Black magic causes elemental damage and Summoning magic is used to summon creatures to assist Angel.

Angel's last weapon is her Trynunchucks, Which are Nunchucks with three parts to hurt instead of only two parts to hurt, Her Trynunchucks are made out of Ebony but have a Rubber coating on it.