Normal Powers

Ergokinesis (This allows Ashura to utilize every form of energy, from standard kinetic energy & potential energy to the extremely powerful radioactive energies, solar energy, and stellar energy)

Cloning (Ashura's maximum clone count is currently unknown, but the highest seen so far is approximately 500 clones that all were shown to have retained Ashura's power)


Godlike Intelligence (Ashura is godlike in his intelligence, his cybernetics have made him as smart as the smartest scientists in the world all combined, which is no small feat)

Mimicry (Ashura can mimic nearly any power he sees, making him able to easily learn new powers if the need arises. However, specific powers, like Dawn's Black Lightning, cannot be copied by Ashura since the formula for it is unique and only Dawn has the correct components for it)


Copied Powers

Enhanced Eyesight (Learned from his fellow teammate Kurgin)

Illusions (Learned from his fellow teammate Luthrya)

Black Magic (Copied from his sister, Xia)

Pyrokinesis (Copied from his sister, Kara)

Geokinesis (Copied during his short battle with Eden)

Electrokinesis (Copied from his sister, Kara)



Melee Weapons


Ranged Weapons



Ashura's armor was made from a fusion of titanium, stainless steel, and the legendary metal orichalcum. It also covers his entire body, save the left side of his face.

Offensive Capabilities

Titanic's Grip

Inside both of Ashura's arms, he has a hydraulic press built into his machinery. These allow Ashura to squeeze both of his arms at pressures reaching and exceeding 75,000 tons of force, easily crushing normal people and a good portion of superpowered people into paste. He usually uses these to disarm foes though, by breaking their weapons or by knocking them out of their grip, rather than take their life with it. However, if he's in a battle to the death, Ashura won't hesitate to clamp one of these on an opponent's neck and end them right then and there.

Occuria's Cannon

A rather large, wrist-mounted, cannon that is on Ashura's left wrist that can fire deadly blasts of plasma, radiation, anti-matter, dark matter, mana, electricity, chaos energy, rays of light, streams of fire, beams of cold, pressurized water, and all kinds of other attacks. It also fires missiles, darts, nets, bolas, grenades, and even mines. These weapons all increase in power when Ashura powers up, making them especially dangerous even though they're relatively harmless compared to the rest of Ashura's weaponry.


Stun Missiles

EMP Missiles

Explosive Missiles


Lawn Darts

Sleep Darts

Poison Darts

Berserk Darts


Fishing Nets

Grappling Nets


Throwing Bolas

Razor Bolas

Electric Bolas


Frag Grenades


Concussion Grenades

Sting Grenades (Non-lethal, shoots rubber pellets)

Gas Grenades

Sticky Grenades


Molotov Cocktails

Tear Gas

Incendiary Grenades

Cryo Grenades

Shock Grenades

EMP Grenades

Cluster Grenades (One explodes into multiple others, then they explode)

Implosive Grenades (When triggered, causes anything in the vicinity to implode violently)

Decoy Grenades (Explode into a harmless flash, useful for tricking enemies)

Plasma Grenades

Supernova Grenades (Explodes with the force of a supernova, highly dangerous)


Standard Mines

Claymore Mines

Timed Mines

Spark Mines

Remote Mines


Bouncing Bettys

Laser Bettys


Standard Bombs

Smoke Bombs


Acid Bombs

Toxic Bombs

Napalm Bombs

Nuclear Bombs

Galonti's Slicer

A small wrist-mounted laser blade that is mounted on Ashura's right wrist that when deactivated is just a small metal rod. But when it activates, the laser blade comes out and is able to slice through nearly anything it comes into contact with, even stainless steel and titanium. In his stronger armor variants, these double and then triple into multiple blades made of lasers.


Defensive Capabilities

EMP Resistance

This upgrade is common sense right here, Ashura isn't going to leave himself wide open to an EMP when he's 95% robotic. This prevents EMPs from effecting Ashura in any capacity, the best one can do is maybe stun him for a second from the pulse.


Supportive Capabilities

Multi-Optical Sights

This allows Ashura to see in the following visions: normal, x-ray, thermal, zoomed, infrared, night vision, astral, ultraviolet, subatomic, and aura. His eyes change color depending on which he's in. Blue is standard vision, Purple is x-ray vision, Red is thermal vision, Yellow is zoomed-in vision, Orange is infrared vision, Green is night vision, Pink is astral vision, Brown is ultraviolet vision, Magenta is subatomic vision, and White is aura vision.







  1. Ashura is one of only 2 of the siblings out of the 9 that got their powers by being experimented on, the others, excluding Belial, got their powers from birth.
  2. Ashura was originally going to be the one, and only, adopted brother, but I changed my mind.