Chrixie is a 22 year-old female human who is roughly 5'11 and weighs about 194 pounds. She generally wears her Mother's white armor she inherited from her along with her Father's scarf he gave to her when she was a little girl. Whenever she isn't wearing her Mother's armor, Chrixie wears a yellow t-shirt with a pair of red shorts and generally wears purple shoes, but has also been seen with green ones as well. In terms of build, while her Father is highly muscular & her Brother is a bit lean, but still muscular, Chrixie is actually fairly average in terms of muscle mass.



As a little girl, Chrixie was a very quiet and timid child who only tried to not get in the way of her busy Father, which wasn't easy considering his important position in the military. She lacked any real memories of her Mother, but looked like her when she was young. Due to her Father always being away, she spent a majority of her time with her older brother, whom she quickly grew a liking to. Chrixie & Blade got along rather well, even in their youngest years. Like all siblings, they have argued and fought, but nothing too serious has ever happened between them. As she grew up, she became less shy & timid and eventually was able to actually talk to people. However, she still had a looming thought in her mind, that she would never be as good as her Father or her Mother.

As she finally was about to enter her adulthood, Chrixie finally was able to hold her own against her brother, which was very surprising for both of them. This small moment in time actually had made her much more brave and open-minded than she was before. She began to fear less of what she once feared greatly, being insignificant. As an adult, Chrixie became much less timid then she was before, she started becoming able to talk to others and hold a conversation without getting scared or uncomfortable. While her brother became very cold and calculating while being mostly concerned with becoming stronger and smarter, Chrixie became more open and trusting to others and started to gain more wisdom and courage. However, even now, there's still a part of her that doubts herself.



Born as the younger child of 2 total and losing her Mother upon childbirth, Chrixie had it rather rough in her childhood. Since her Father was away on his duties for most of the year, her only form of communication with him was via letters she wrote him and, if she was lucky, the few he could find the time to write back. Because of this, she and her older brother, known as Blade, lived with their grandparents since their Father was always busy and rarely had time to visit. The most she ever saw of her Father was on Christmas, when he'd have an entire 2 weeks to spend time with her and Blade. Chrixie also goes to the same school as Blade, just 3 years after he does. Chrixie goes to school, not even knowing why the other kids don't pick on her once they find out who she's the daughter of. As far as Chrixie is concerned right now, her dad is simply her dad, one of 2 boys she knows that'll protect her with their life, the other being her brother. She has no idea just WHO her dad really is and what he's done in his lifetime.

Eventually, the truth comes out though. Around the time when Chrixie is 14, she is told by Blade after he finds out from some of his teachers in the high school. She learns of how her dad fought as a young teenager in the last war and how he struck down an entire army by himself to save their Mother from her imprisonment, how he became the youngest general in the history of the military due to his advanced skills he possessed even as a teen. While this made Blade feel like he was inadequate, this actually served as a push to Chrixie, it made her want to show her Father what she can do using her abilities. (As a matter of fact, it was Blade seeing how Chrixie was willing to try that made him decide to try) When Chrixie had just turned 17, she graduated from school and entered the same special training as Blade did.

She graduated from Class F, FF, FFF, D, DD, DDD, & C before she entered Class CC and began studying it.



Super Intelligence

Chrixie was born with uncommon intelligence.

Super Agility

Chrixie was born with uncommon agility.

Super Leaping

Chrixie was born with an uncommon leaping ability.

Super Flexibility

Chrixie was born with an uncommon talent for being flexible.

Super Reflexes

Chrixie was born with uncommon reflexes.

Super Stamina

Chrixie was born with uncommon stamina reserves.

Enhanced Athleticism

Chrixie was born with enhanced athletic abilities that she has perfected.

Enhanced Dexterity

Chrixie was born with enhanced dexterity that she has perfected.

Enhanced Intuition

Chrixie was born with enhanced intuition, which she perfected at a young age.


Chrixie has had the ability to foresee the future since she was born. However, she feared this power greatly, so she shunned it for a long time. It wasn't until recently, when she was 20 years old, when she finally decided to try to understand and control it's power. As of now, she is still working on mastering it.

Astral Projection

Chrixie was born with the ability to use astral projection, and she used it the most during her childhood to look for her brother or father whenever she couldn't see them. However, there is a somewhat downside to this ability for Chrixie. The entire time's she's been growing up, no one has actually seen her astral form. This makes her wrongly believe that no one can see her in that state.


Chrixie was born with telepathy, although she wasn't sure how to use it for a while. Eventually, she figured it out around the time she was 10 and has been using it ever since.


Chrixie's uncommon power of psychometry actually terrified her as a child. She was unable to control it and was frequently learning things just by touching any random thing she happened to walk by. This led to her wearing gloves in order to nullify the effect. Around the age of 14-15, Chrixie was finally able to control this power and started going without her gloves.


Chrixie's uncommon power of clairvoyance also terrified her as a child. However, it scared her much less and she actually had rather potent control over it for her young age. As she grew up, she feared it much less and started using it much more. Using it, she was able to see the images she saw inside her imagination and project them for others to see. She was starting to love how her imagination was basically coming to life for her in order to describe something for her. By the time she was 12-13, Chrixie had mastered this.

Summoning Magic

This is the only known skill that Chrixie was actually taught rather than simply being born with. Just like her brother before her, she too went to her Aunt Xia. She asked her Aunt to teach her something that her brother didn't know, and Xia obliged with one of 3 schools she didn't teach Blade, Summoning Magic. Due to her ability to quickly learn new things, Chrixie was quickly able to advance through this school of magic. While Chrixie easily learned the standard summons, the special ones would take her much more time.

List of Summons

Standard Summons








Pegasus & Unicorn







Orc Clan











Vampire Lord

Werewolf Lord



Mind Flayer










High Elemental

Fallen Angel



High Summons


Super Strength

(Unlocked in her Hope Form)

While Chrixie does officially enter the enhanced strength category at the limit of her Base & Combo form, her Hope form and onward all give her super strength. The heaviest thing she's managed to lift in her Hope form was a train that went over the tracks and was rushing towards her. (FYI, depending on how much it's holding and the size of the train itself, it's weight can be approximately 200 tons) In her Sinister form, she's shown to be capable of lifting an entire building off the ground, which actually scared her a bit since she wasn't used to such power. Going by the stated size of most buildings by architects, that thing weighed at least 160,000 pounds, but could possibly be a bit over 200 tons. However, the strongest she's been here is actually lifting the Eiffel Tower, which is about 7,300 TONS. Granted, she did hurt her arms a bit doing it though. In her Hallowed form, Chrixie has actually managed to lift a skyscraper, are those things are 222,500 TONS on average! The one she lifted, the Empire State Building, weighs approximately 365,000 tons. In her Last Hope form, Chrixie has no defined upper limit to her strength as of yet. The heaviest objects she's been seen lifting, the first of which she did causally, was lift none other than the Burj Khalifa to move it out of the way of an energy blast, which weighs roughly 500,000 tons. But that pales in comparison to what her biggest feat of strength shown so far was. After an enemy she was fighting slammed her against the ground a few times, a crack in the Earth's crust started to form. Now, leave that unattended for about an hour, until the fight was almost over. After beating her opponent, Chrixie realizes that there's lava pouring out and it's going downhill towards a small village.

Chrixie dashes off to the nearby mountain to try to look around to see if she can think of anything to save the people. As she's standing there, at the the base of the mountain, she looked at it and sees that the bottom of it is rather unsteady. She then looks back at the poor village and sees that there isn't much time left for thinking, if she was going to save them, she had to do something now. Without much thinking, Chrixie grabbed the mountain with both hands and started pulling up, she strained her arms and her legs also started to hurt from the pressure she was starting to put on them. But, in a moment of defying her own limits, Chrixie lifted the mountain off the ground, ripping it from the Earth, and she slowly turned around to face the village before she threw it soaring OVER the village and into the ocean, which caused a huge tidal wave to form. Chrixie then dash down to the village, where she unsheathed Whirlwind and spun them around until she created a huge tornado in the mouth of the harbor of the village. The tornado deflected the tidal wave around the village, where it landed on the incoming lava and neutralized it. The required strength for this one IS INSANE since small mountains can weigh over 1 TRILLION TONS, and this was a LARGE one that she picked up, held as she turned around, and then TOSSED about 180-250 miles away into the ocean! (Let's just call her Hemisphere level at this point and leave it at that) Her Berserk form hasn't shown ANYTHING yet since it only just came into existence, that'll come with a future update.

Higher Consciousness

(Unlocked in her Hallowed form)

Allows Chrixie to enter a higher state of being, giving her much greater strength & wisdom. With this kind of power at her disposal, Chrixie could technically be called a God while she's in this state. However, she only has this power in her Hallowed Form or any of her stronger ones. She loses all of the knowledge she had in this form whenever she reverts back.


(Unlocked in her Last Hope form)

Allows Chrixie to transcend her own limits due to her own desire to keep fighting in order to feel adequate compared to her Father & Brother. This has helped her defeat multiple opponents due her being able to keep transcending her limits and eventually overtaking them. However, this power doesn't really show itself until her Last Hope form. Until that point, it shows itself a little bit, mostly by giving Chrixie small energy boosts or the sudden ability to dodge a dangerous attack. But it doesn't reach it's full effect until she's on the ropes and doesn't have much left.

Feral Mind

(Unlocked in her Berserk form)



Martial Arts (Has earned a red belt in karate & judo and wants to go back to her training to earn her black belts in both)

Boxing/Kickboxing (Has beaten 6 different cruiserweight champions in non-title bouts, but has no desire to actually earn a championship in either sport)

Advanced Hand-Eye Coordination

Accelerated Learning Ability (Also know as the ability to quickly learn new things)

Fusion (Chrixie has the unique ability to capable of performing fusion. However, she is only capable of fusing with someone who has almost the exact amount of power she does)

Stress Control



Retirement (Dual-Blade)

A weapon with a blade on both sides of the handle, which is in the center of this deadly weapon. This weapon was built by Ty and gifted to Chrixie when she became 13 years old. Ty tried to train Chrixie to use the weapon, but she lacked his natural skill with weapons and didn't want to continue learning for a while. However, when she turned 16, Chrixie gave it one more try. Much to her surprise, she was able to use it rather effectively by this point, and so it was given to her by her Father. However, being her Father's weapon, Chrixie asked him if and when he wanted it back. Her Father told her "When I retire", before entrusting it to her until that designated time. Now at the age of 21, Chrixie has become deadly when using this weapon to it's full potential, as she's cleared out entire enemy bases with this weapon. The special effect of this weapon is that it is surrounded by vibrating particles, which allow the blades to vibrate at high enough frequencies to break the atoms apart of even other metals like gold or titanium. Due to this, this weapon is extremely effective in melee distance due to it having the capabilities to slice through nearly any weapon it goes up against. Chrixie's mastery of this weapon only makes it more dangerous, considering how skilled and fast she is with her slashes, Chrixie could theoretically slice through even the toughest of materials to slice through, diamond.


Whirlwind (Rope Darts)

These are two rope darts that Chrixie wears around her shoulders. To be used, they first have to be unrolled, then Chrixie can throw one, or possibly both if she's willing to use both of her hands, at an opponent. The way rope darts work are that they are capable of stabbing into an enemy and then allowing the user to pull on the chains in order to drag the foe towards them. Because of this, these rope darts are great ranged weapons that can catch fleeing foes and drag them back to Chrixie or can even be used to finish an opponent off with a well-timed hit. These darts earned their name by not only their sheer speed, but also their ability to create gusts of wind whenever they're swung with a lot of force. Chrixie has even managed to create a tornado from spinning them in circles around her, but she was unable to control it for very long before losing all control of it and having it go an unstoppable rampage. Which was only halted due to Blade appearing and stopping her rotation before sealing the tornado inside his Cube of Chaos, which he made himself back in his training days.


Doorknockers (Feet Bracers)

Think of these as twin gauntlets that are meant to be used more as weapons than armor, but on your feet instead. Due to her extensive training in martial arts and kickboxing, Chrixie has become especially well-known for her kicking ability. Due to this, it was only logical of her to ask her Father to build her these... feet gauntlets. Using them, Chrixie's kicks have become much more powerful, which can be felt even when Chrixie takes them off. As for the actual effect of the weapon, it is capable of causing great knockback by exerting several tons of force in every kick, which will quickly wear down most opponents if it doesn't outright knock them out in a single kick. These come in 2 modes, non-lethal & lethal. Non-Lethal mode is limited to only being able to knock out an opponent at the maximum amount of force it can unleash. In other words, it limits Chrixie's power with this weapon significantly. Lethal mode removes this restriction and allows Chrixie to actually use her strength to beat down her opponent if they won't come along willingly. It should be noted that these have allowed Chrixie to actually kick large objects and blasts thrown at her back at her opponent as well as being very useful for stopping falling buildings by kicking them back into place. Perhaps the biggest feat of strength with these however is Chrixie using them, along with her own speed and rapid-fire karate kicks, to kick a huge boulder flying towards her into pieces before kicking it so fast & so hard that she caused it to split into pieces like it was sliced before it crumbled into ash and fell down harmlessly.


Heart & Soul (Twin Pistols)

Twin magnum revolvers that Chrixie obtained from her Father, who told her "Be careful wear you point those things, they're not toys". Chrixie has tinkered with them, adding her own polished gold look to them as well as making their bullets be fired with much more force before painting a heart on one and a soul on the other, thus earning their names Heart & Soul.


Sundown (Warhammer)

A large hammer that Chrixie got as a birthday present from her Brother on her 18th birthday. Although it is rather unwieldy in Chrixie's weaker hands, she still uses it from time to time since it was a present from her Brother. One good thing that has come out of this weapon for Chrixie is that whenever she uses it, she does slowly build up more muscle mass due to it pretty much being a barbell for her to wield.



White Mail

Her Mother, Freya's, white armor she wore while she was alive. Chrixie always saw this armor on display inside her Father's room when she a little girl and she always loved how it looked. She would keep asking her dad who the "shiny metal dress" belonged to. Eventually, when she was 12, she was allowed to hold the helmet in her own 2 arms. At the age of 16, she was given the armor as a keepsake of her Mother from her Father, but was warned to not mess it up. Finally, at the age of 18, her Father gave her the entire set of armor and told her "This is yours now, all of it". "Your Mother would want it to be yours". From that point on, Chrixie had the armor in her possession and has used it in multiple battles. As for what the armor's special effect is, no one is actually sure. According to Ty, Freya enchanted it herself when he wasn't home and never told him what any of the effects were.


White Helm


White Mask


White Pauldrons


White Gauntlets


White Leggings


White Boots




Combo (No multiplier, but it makes her much faster and able to easily create large combos)

Hope (Unknown, estimated to be times 50+, gives Chrixie super strength)

Sinister (Unknown, estimated to be times 100+)

Hallowed (Unknown, estimated to be times 500+)

Last Hope (Unknown, estimated to be times 10,000+)

Berserk (Unknown, the estimate is unknown)



"All my life, I've been scared of only one thing". "I was scared of not being able to keep up with my Father & Brother, but I'm not scared anymore"! "Deep down inside myself, I knew this moment would come". "Where I'd have to finally prove myself to me"! "You said you wanted nothing more than a good battle, right"? "Well, here comes the good battle you've been waiting so long for"!

- Chrixie before she enters her Hope Form for the first time.

"I hope you're ready, because you're about to see the birth of the new me"!

- Chrixie as she enters her Hope Form for the first time.

"When I was in need, my Father and Brother were my lights that guided me in the dark". "Now, they're the ones who are stuck inside the dark and need a light". "So I'll light the way for them while I also make sure you never harm anyone else again"!

- Chrixie after she enters her Hope Form for the first time.

"I'm going to make you suffer for killing my Mother, don't expect any mercy".

- Chrixie when she confronts her Mother's killer.

"There's a piece of good and evil inside us all". "The difference between yours and mine however is that yours acts on impulse while I can control mine, to an extent anyway".

- Chrixie explaining her Sinister Form to an opponent she faces in her story.

"Well, that evil inside of me grows stronger and stronger the more I get hurt or angry". "Unfortunately for you, I won't be able to stop it for much longer".

- Chrixie before she enters her Sinister Form for the first time.

"If getting me to give into the darkness was your intention...". "Then congratulations, because you've done it".

- Chrixie as her Sinister Form starts to take control over her mindset.

"Don't worry, you won't live to regret your decision".

- Chrixie after she enters her Sinister Form for the first time.

"You said you fear no light, correct"? "Well, let's see if you fear the darkness then".

- Chrixie before she enters her Sinister Form.

"This isn't my first choice, but I will use it regardless to defeat you"!

- Chrixie as she enters her Sinister Form.

"You'd better pray that this form ends before I kill you, because I'll rip your soul apart and burn the ashes to keep you down if I must"!

- Chrixie after she enters her Sinister Form.

"The entirety of creation, it seems so clear to me now". "I can see it all and understand it's every cause and effect". "That which would burn the minds away from all others, I can understand".

- Chrixie explaining her Hallowed Form.

"I don't understand what this power I feel is truly, but it won't allow me to stay down". "It keeps telling me the same thing, over and over again". "It keeps telling me that I have to defeat you here and now, before you grow too powerful".

- Chrixie before she enters her Hallowed Form for the first time.

"Suddenly, I feel like I'm starting to understand what this power really is".

- Chrixie as she enters her Hallowed Form for the first time.

"Now I understand". "This power is only for those in times of great need who will not abuse it's power to alter the course of all creation". "It is the last gift to me from my Mother".

- Chrixie after she enters her Hallowed form for the first time.

"I've pushed you hard every single time, and you've pushed back even harder each and every time". "I guess there's only one thing left I can do now, I cannot surrender to you".

- Chrixie when she realizes that her Hallowed Form isn't going to be enough to beat a particularly-tough foe.

"You've pushed me this far, farther than I ever wanted to go". "But I cannot just give up simply because I'm losing a fight". "I've lost my Mother and I seek to not lose anything else for a very long time". "I don't have very much left in me, but I will make what remains count".

- Chrixie before she enters her Last Hope Form for the first time.

"This is my last resort, and my last hope".

- Chrixie as she enters her Last Hope Form for the first time.

"You fight for your own justified, albeit quite selfish, goals". "And, well, to be perfectly honest with you, so do I". "But my goals aren't selfish anymore". "I no longer need to become as strong as my Father or as strong as my Brother to feel proud of myself". "I've realized the truth behind it all, everyone's strength is different from one another's". "Your strength isn't from your muscle or your mind, it's from your own spirit". "You believe yourself to be unbreakable, and your spirit reflects that illusion you've cast on yourself". "But now I have to ask you, what do you think you really are underneath all of those illusions"? "Because I can see through all of those illusions, I can see who you really are inside".

- Chrixie after she enters her Last Hope Form for the first time.

"Is this really the extent of what I could do"? "Is this really all I had left in in me to try to stop you with"? "....." "I'm sorry, Mother..." "I've failed you.....".

- Chrixie as she loses all of her energy and falls from the sky after leaving her Last Hope Form.

"NO"! <insert sobbing here> "Why can't... why can't I... why can't I ever... save anyone I care about"!? "Why am I doomed to this Fate..."? <insert a LOT of anger here> "WHY"!?

- Chrixie before she enters her Berserk Form for the first time. (Part 1)

"You... I'm sick of looking at you...". "I'm sick of even knowing that you exist...". "I'm going to make you pay... for what you've done... and for what you'll do as long as you exist...".

- Chrixie before she enters her Berserk Form for the first time. (Part 2)

"All this time... I've held a monster inside of me...". "A monster... that I was taught to never call on...". "To never give a name to... to never ask for help from it...". "If you... thought that the puny beast... inside of you... was terrible...". "Then I'm going to... crush you... into dust..."

- Chrixie as her Berserk Form starts to show it's power for the first time.

"This... is... all... I... have... left... in... me...". "I... will... make... it... be... enough... to... beat... you...". "Since... it... seems... like... your... twisted... mind... is... unraveling... I'll... put... it... as... simply... as... I... can... for... you..." <cue Berserk Form activating as Chrixie starts talking again> "I... WILL... NOT...". "NO... I... CAN... NOT...". "LET... YOU... WIN..."!

- Chrixie as she enters her Berserk Form for the first time.


Chrixie's extreme agility allows her to easily dodge most attacks, making her a very hard target to hit.

Chrixe's telepathy allows her to speak to her squad during radio silence or even an EMP strike, giving her a great tactical advantage over most others, especially in group combat.

Chrixie's knowledge of martial arts & boxing/kickboxing combined make her a dangerous unarmed opponent, provided that she doesn't take an ugly hit before finishing her foe off.

Chrixie's ability to see the future allows her to sometimes know when an opponent is preparing something so she is able to plan accordingly.

Chrixie's athletic abilities outmatch nearly everyone on Earth's, she's proven to be a worthy contender to, match up with, or has even beaten even the best superathletes, or athletes who excel in multiple areas as opposed to just one, on Earth at their own games.



Has a severe case of an inferiority complex, she is constantly thinking that she is far inferior to her both her Father and her Brother.

While being extremely hard to hit, Chrixie has no extra strength or durability to help her if she was to engage in a pure fistfight.

Possesses no real offensive powers, which leaves her as a support-only character in a battle if she doesn't have her weapons on her or has lost them during the battle.

Her kind nature has allowed multiple opponents to take advantage of her kindness to use it against her. This has left her open to many sneak attacks.

While being quite athletic. Chrixie isn't a superathlete who's skilled in every single athletic event. For example, she has the ability to do well at boxing & martial arts-based events, but she lacks the strength & muscle required for weightlifting unless she enters her Hope form, which would be kinda cheap.