Welcome to my own variant of Death Battle.

Today we will analyse 2 similar heroes.

Jules, the hero of the great war.

and Darth Vader, the dark-armored sith lord.

Which of these 2 dads is deadlier?


Jules the Hedgehog

Full Name-King Zack "Jules" Maurice the Robian-Hedgehog

Height- {Without armor} (With armor) {4'5} (6'5)

Weight- {98 Ibs} (245 Ibs)

Age- {Pre-war} (Current) {23} (43)

Jules was born to a poor family. He lost his father at the age of 11 and his mother became insane due to the loss of him. Jules and his brother Chuck were taken to an orphanage and were raised there untill they both were 18.

But Jules's bad luck began to change while he was in school. He ended up becoming best friends with the then-princess of Mobius, Aleena. The 2 even dated in middle and high school. But then one day, the king of Mobius, Aleena's father, died. His last order was for his daughter to be named queen.

Aleena became the queen at the young age of 17 and she persuaded Jules to marry her. Jules was now the new king of Mobius. But Jules didn't like being king very much. After fathering 3 children with Aleena, he ran away from being king and ended up at a bar.

The waitress asked if she could get him anything and his answer was no. But him and the waitress seemed to get along well. Eventually, Jules even married her and they had a child. Then about 12 years later, one of his children, Sonic, discovers him and begs him to come home. Jules declines and remains with the waitress. (BTW, her name is Bernadette)

One day, Jules awakens to a note left on his desk and sees only his stuff remains. Bernadette had left him and taken all his money too. Jules packed his things and went back to the castle. He was let in by the guards and he hugged his 3 children. Then he hugged Aleena and whispered in her ear "I'm sorry".

Now lets talk about Jules's powers.

Jules has super strength, super speed, a lot of durability, high intelligence, and excellent skill.

He mainly fights with just his hands and feet. But he does have training in almost every weapon. He also can bust out his ferrokinesis if things are going sour for him.

Jules can hold a breaking planet together, outrun a ray of light, and take a nuke to the face without flinching. He got this amount of power from his suit.

Jules got his suit after an accident with lava while him and Aleena were kids. But he survived, thanks to Aleena. He was given a suit that would heal the burns and give him extra powers.

This baby is made of titanium and can tamk hits from a ltank if Jules needs it to. However, it does have a weak spot in the back. If hit precisly there, the armor will de-attach from Jules and leave him vurnerable.

But Jules still has 1 more trick in the bag. If Jules losses his armor, he can tap into his inner rage. If Jules brings too much out, he'll go on an unstoppable rampage. If his rage over-exceeds its peak, he'll become his alter-ego known as Fleetway.

Fleetway is strong enough to 2-shot a god. Nuff said.

<Shows a clip where Jules is walking off into a battle>

Darth Vader

Full Name- Anakin Skywalker

Height- 6'5 (6'8 as DV)

Weight- 123 Ibs. (156 as DV)

Age-24 (46 as DV)

Before he was Lord Vader, he was Anakin Skywalker. Anakin grew up as a slave on the desert planet Tattoine. When the jedi masters Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi crashed onto the planet, he offered to podrace for them to win the money they needed.

Anakin won the podrace, bought them their part, and was bought out of slavery by the jedi masters. They took him with them on their journey through the first episode of Star Wars. After Qui-Gon's death by the sith lord Darth Maul, Anakin was made the padawan of Obi-Wan.

In episode 2, Anakin was a general of the Clone Wars and even had his own padawan. At the end of the CWs, he lost his right hand in a battle against Count Dooku. Against all the odds, Anakin lifted a lightsaber again for the Republic. He even helped to end the Clone Wars.

In episode 3, Anakin begins to fall into his darker emotions. He murders Mace Windu, takes the moniker of Darth Vader, and kills all but a few of the jedi. He was confronted by his former master on Mustafar and after an epic battle, was left for dead by Obi-Wan.

Lava melted away most of his body. Darth Sidious saved his life by replacing the dead Anakin with the new Vader. After destroying multiple planets with his super weapon known as the Death Star, he located his children that his wife Padme had before she died from childbirth.

The son, Luke Skywalker, ends up becoming the one to strike down Vader after an intense battle in episode 6.

Darth Vader is a master of the force. He commands both light side and dark side powers.

How will Darth Vader's multitude of force powers hold up against the King of Mobius?


<shows a small clip where DV is first introduced with the armor first installed>

The Fight

Location:Castle Mobius Time:10:00 PM

Darth Vader and a squad of stormtroopers marched into Castle Mobius. "Surrender your castle or I will break you". said Darth Vader to the armored figure sitting on the throne. The figure rose from his throne and his eyes turned red. "Leave my castle or I will break you". said Jules. Then he shot globs of metal that knocked out all of the stormtroopers. "You don't know the power of the dark side". said Darth Vader. "Really'? "I know it all too well". said Jules.


Jules shot multiple globs of metal at Darth Vader. But Darth Vader sent them back with the force and then threw his lightsaber at Jules. Jules dodged the globs of metal and managed to evade the lightsaber before delivering a hard punch to the chest of Darth Vader.

Darth Vader was knocked back before Jules kicked him through the roof and blasted him with a laser that knocked him into a nearby mountain. Then Jules ran over to the mountain and said "Stop hiding coward". Then Darth Vader jumped down and slashed Jules backwards before he lifted him into the air with the force and slammed him down on the ground multiple times. Then Jules got back up and began to glow as he said "Alright then, the gloves are coming off". Then Jules punched Darth Vader and sent him through the entire mountain before he fired a laser that reduced the mountain to dust.

Then Darth Vader arose and said "I will destroy you". Then he lifted multiple boulders into the sky and they all flew towards Jules, who dodged them and said "That was a pitiful effort".

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