"Some fools would say that love, logic, hatred, and greed are the strongest forces on our planet. The strongest force is the one force that engulfs not just our planet, but all planets. Corruption is the strongest force in all of creation. Love and logic are merely corruptions that are so small, they aren't even percieved as such. Hatred and greed also both stem from corruption, making corruption the 'root of all evil' in a quite literal sense. That is why my power to you, a being that is far beneath me, is seen by you as being without limits. The very design made by the Gods for all Mortals has made them unable to ever overtake me".

- Jupiter's take on the strongest force that exists.



Jupiter's Base Form

Jupiter is rather tall, standing at about 6'10 and weighing about 233 pounds. She often wears a dark gray cloak with a matching hood and often possesses a purple aura. While Jupiter does train her abilities, she is still rather average in terms of muscle. Jupiter also possesses a birthmark on her right cheek in the shape of a crescent moon. Jupiter's usual attire, aside from her cloak, consists of a short-sleeved shirt, a pair of jean shorts, and sneakers. She also sometimes wears a Phantom of the Opera-style mask to protect her identity.


Jupiter was a very sweet girl growing up, she helped her family and friends with nearly everything they needed. She was simply the sweet little girl who loved her family and wanted to do whatever was needed to help them, no matter what. After the massacre of the mortal side of her family by their rivals, she had nothing but contempt for both the world and those who lived on it. She spent a brief period of Time in which she thought of what she should become, and she grew cold and distant from all others living on Mobius. Eventually, she finally decided to do what her family had always told her not to do. She embraced her divine heritage, and received godlike power from her father, the God of Corruption, Orgrund.




Godlike Strength, Speed, Durability, and Stamina (Jupiter is godlike in all 4 of these attributes)




Twilokinesis (The ability to manipulate twilight and twilight energy, twilight is the un-purified source of all twilight energy and is very hard to control. Twilight energy is the energy released by the twilight sources, which can be handled by mortals, just with some pain being induced. Both twilight itself and twilight energy have natural corruption abilities to them, harming anything that steps near them. Although, twilight itself is much more powerful than just the energy. These corruption effects act kinda like poison, they drain life from everything they touch. Poison-resistant foes cannot resist this ability for 2 reasons. Reason 1, the effect ISN'T poison, poison and corrupted energy are't the same thing. Reason 2, this is a divine-tier ability, no mortal-tier resistance can prevent it)



(Note: Jupiter originally had forms, but I've decided to scrap the idea and use power percentages instead. On that note, I'd like to also point out that every 1% increase is a times 500 billion increase in power)

Jupiter's Percent Forms

Jupiter's Percent Forms

Base (Her normal form, translates to only 1% of her full power. Her stats are the highest recorded human stats being multiplied by the 500 billion increase, making her 3,135,000,000,000,000 times stronger than the strongest humans)













Jupiter's Overlimit Form

Jupiter's Overlimit Form

Overlimit Form (While this form allows Jupiter to be able to handle power even greater than her own limits, it comes at a heavy price. This is Jupiter's last resort, she will only use it when she has nothing left to give and still needs one final push to defeat a foe. If Jupiter has less-than-maximum of her power when she activates this form, she'll regain her lost power with this form and even more energy than she could normally handle. Once Jupiter enters this form, she can only maintain it for, at the very maximum, an hour. Once the time limit has been reached, she will be destroyed by the overload of energy completely exhausting her and destroying her body via a gargantuan explosion of pure twilight energy. In other words, if Jupiter uses this form, she's guaranteed to die once the transformation ends, regardless of whether or not she defeats her opponent using it. Think of this as Jupiter's desperate final rush of energy to take her foe with her)


(Note: Jupiter started her story with none of these and has unlocked their usage by collecting the Twilight Crystals in her story. By the end of her story, she's reforged the Heart of Twilight, which is comprised of all 100 Twilight Crystals she finds along the way, and learns the strongest techniques from it)