"Angel Eyes" Tamia, The Charming Beauty"Rocky" Inubid, The World ChampionAlstewing, The Dragon of Metal
Angel, The GoddessAngel LoreleiArkiaz, The Father of Zezko
Ascelin, The NightstalkerAshura, The Master of the CircleAxel, The God of Order
Aymer, The Time-Traveling DragoonBalgeirgor, The Silent SamuraiBeatrice, The Mission Command
Belial, The Incarnation of DarknessBlade, The BlademasterBlekatann, The Dragon of Poison
Booris, The Artist of BoxingBrian J. AponteCalgrak, The Lumbering Mountain
Captain Duvan, Outlaw of the EastCelth, The Spirit of LightChrixie, The General's Daughter
Ciri, The Calm Before The StormCron, The Fallen BrotherCyan, The Writer
Cycosis, The ManipulatorDawn, The HellspawnDio's Ultimate Fanon Wikia
Dirge, The BellDjibrid, The Dragon of WindDonaar, The Spirit of Earth
Dr. Virmeya HexEagragh, The Spirit of WaterEdalb, The Anti-Blademaster
Eden, The Goddess of EarthEinthenia, The Steel WarriorEliza, The Dragon Slayer
Epersio, The MimicExedra, The VenomousExem, The Alien Essence
Faadas, The SeerFreya, The Spirit WhispererGabranth, The God of Darkness
Gaius, The Founder of the CircleGold, The Card MageGrusvan, The Barbarian King
Hafaiza, The Dragon of LightHavok, The God of RuinationHoddrick, The Dragon of Nature
Horvalf, The TigerIbmazz, The Top GraduateIrugask, The Last of His Kind
Iva "Lucifer", The Empress of PiratesIxuvira, The SorceressJayrek, The High Judge
Jenice, The SummonerJoanna, General of HellJohnny, The Left Hand of God
Juktantus, The Dragon of EarthJupiter, The Twilight DemigoddessKara, The Fiery Wanderer
Kazu, The Bounty HunterKendello, The Man-At-ArmsKiss, The Huntress
Ko'Nar Hartwell, The Vagrant SoulKryl, The Spirit of IceKulcitana, The Lance Princess
Kurgin, The Expert MarksmanLance, The Avatar of the PhoenixLatherrin, The Spirit of Wind
Laurette, Mother Nature IncarnateLegna, The Dark MessiahLexias, The Goddess of Deceit
List of Kinetic AbilitiesLunari Theory: The Spirit Form's Inner WorkingsLuthrya, The Beautiful Illusionist
Magnus, The Phantom of the GuitarMaximus, The Crystal KeeperMehedrang, The Dragon of Water
Merlex, The Dragon of FireMonoza, The God of KnowledgeNadarjharr, The Spirit of Lightning
Neon, The Earth ShakerNopharos, The PaladinOlbilis, The Dragon of Ice
One Minute Brawl 11: Nick VS GokuOne Minute Brawl 12: Vuxo VS KratosOne Minute Brawl 13: Trunks VS Silver
One Minute Brawl 14:Lucario VS KnucklesOne Minute Brawl 15:Lunari VS RosaOne Minute Brawl 16:Dark Pit VS Dante
One Minute Brawl 17:Mewtwo VS SilverOne Minute Brawl 18:Superman VS KaraOne Minute Brawl 19:Nick VS Ty
One Minute Brawl 1: Vanguard VS MetalOne Minute Brawl 2: Ty VS SilverOne Minute Brawl 3: Cydik VS Gabranth
One Minute Brawl 4: Nate VS KnucklesOne Minute Brawl 5: Ion VS ColeOne Minute Brawl 6: Io VS Dillian
One Minute Brawl 7: Zigath VS XirsecOne Minute Brawl 8 and 9: Lunari VS Xia and Star VS ShadowOne Minute Brawl Act II Checklist
One Minute Brawl Act I ChecklistOne Minute Brawl Finale 1: Nick VS SonicOne Minute Brawl Finale 2:Cydik VS Gabranth 3
Opal, The Rebellious TraineeOrgrund, The God of TwilightPrizor, The Exiled Apprentice
Quazzi, The CursedQuerona, The Queen of the GodsRandom Battle 1: Joanna VS Dawn
Random Battles ChecklistRenessara, The Aero MatriarchRexicon, The Royal Flailsman
Riley, The Untapped PotentialRudy, The SaviorRules for Death Matches
Sarcasm, The Incarnation of KarmaShade, The Escape ArtistShen Delmirev, The Spirit of Darkness
Snowe, The Psycho ClownSquall, The Golden DragonStar, The Astro Warrior
Tenyu, The Incarnation of DestinyTiamat, The Southern BruiserTortuah, The Fallen Legend
Ty, The General of GeneralsT’kathidir, The Dragon of DarknessUnalessi, The Sarcastic Mage
Vanguard, Heaven's GatekeeperVaugus, The Dragon of SandVaxjun, The Dragon of Lightning
Veil, The HunterVelulu, The NecromancerVethik, The Unliving
Violetta, The Incarnation of FateVishno, The King of the GodsVuxo, The Deathbringer
Whisper, The Unknown AuraWulia, The Spirit of FireXasara, The Goddess of Life
Xestarg, The Great GiantXia, The Right Hand of GodYevon, The God of Insanity
Yolanda, The TeacherYomaz, The Hallowed SpaceZegram, The God of Death
Zezko, The Demon God
File:Communitylogo.pngFile:Disturbed - The Vengeful One - UNOFFICIAL Lyrics Video- ==RE-UPLOADED==File:DragonForce - E. P. M. (Extreme Power Metal) - Lyrics on screen - HD
File:Example.jpgFile:Forms 1.pngFile:Human Dawn.jpg
File:Human Squall.jpgFile:Human Xia.jpgFile:Human Zezko.jpg
File:IMG 18022017 130248 20170219 003513.jpgFile:Johnny vs chuck norris.pngFile:Josh.png
File:Saliva - King Of My World -Lyrics-File:Screenshot 2016-06-03-21-54-01.pngFile:Shoto.png

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