"Angel Eyes" Tamia, The Charming Beauty"Rocky" Inubid, The World ChampionAhkari, The Goddess of Metal
Akilmara, The Avatar of the NagaAlstewing, The Dragon of MetalAmjir, The God of Peace
Andreu, The AllegiantAngel, The GoddessAngel Lorelei
Anone, The Goddess of BeautyAriuk, The Seraph of the EastArkiaz, The Father of Zezko
Arnoldus, The QuickArtohen, The CunningAscelin, The Nightstalker
Ashura, The Master of the CircleAthelis, The Black KnightAurri, The Shadow
Axel, The God of OrderAymer, The Time-Traveling DragoonAzugi, The Avatar of the Hydra
Balgeirgor, The Silent SamuraiBeatrice, The Mission CommandBelial, The Incarnation of Darkness
Binthape, The ElegantBlade, The BlademasterBlekatann, The Dragon of Poison
Booris, The Artist of BoxingBrian J. AponteBrurvik, The Avatar of the Wyvern
Caldir, The God of GamblingCalgrak, The Lumbering MountainCaptain Duvan, Outlaw of the East
Celth, The Spirit of LightCeqnos, The Incarnation of LuckChernosaand, The Knowing
Choxhug, The Avatar of the LichChrixie, The General's DaughterCiri, The Calm Before The Storm
Cron, The Fallen BrotherCruthrex, The God of ChaosCyan, The Writer
Cycosis, The ManipulatorCyekra, The Avatar of the ImpDagnikag, The Northwest Fiend
Datrix, The Goddess of EducationDawn, The HellspawnDazyu, The Avatar of the Manticore
Derilai, The ValiantDimia, The Queen of the Round TableDio's Ultimate Fanon Wikia
Dirge, The BellDjibrid, The Dragon of WindDonaar, The Spirit of Earth
Dr. Virmeya HexERBOW: Jules VS BrianERBOW Checklist
Eagragh, The Spirit of WaterEbon, The Avatar of the RocEchef, The Exalted
Edalb, The Anti-BlademasterEden, The Goddess of EarthEinthenia, The Steel Warrior
Ekrena, The Goddess of AlchemyEldia, The Goddess of WorkEliza, The Dragon Slayer
Elyes, The LonerEmethia, The ScarredEpersio, The Mimic
Ewigruk, The Avatar of the OgreExedra, The VenomousExem, The Alien Essence
Exia, The Goddess of ElectricityFaadas, The SeerFibuna, The Goddess of Day & Night
Filnjar, The God of the OstracizedFreya, The Spirit WhispererGabranth, The God of Darkness
Gaius, The Founder of the CircleGautier, The PowerfulGeeko, The Avatar of the Nekojin
Genlene, The Moon GoddessGhangom, The Avatar of the GolemGintrod, The Avatar of the Ghoul
Gold, The Card MageGrizelda, The Avatar of the UnicornGrusvan, The Barbarian King
Gulmo, The ArchangelGylteus, The God of ThunderHaemar, The God of Science
Hafaiza, The Dragon of LightHaimirich, The HawkHamvir, The God of Secrecy
Hathia, The ConjurerHavok, The God of RuinationHeinios, The Avatar of the Elemental
Higogux, The God of FireHoddrick, The Dragon of NatureHorvalf, The Tiger
Houdart, The White KnightIbmazz, The Top GraduateIllinalta, The Goddess of Agriculture
Imme, The FearlessIngraham, The BlessedIrugask, The Last of His Kind
Itris, The Goddess of Dusk & DawnIva "Lucifer", The Empress of PiratesIxuvira, The Sorceress
Jayrek, The High JudgeJenice, The SummonerJesphy, The Goddess of Poetry
Joanna, General of HellJoglarene, Hell's GatekeeperJohnny, The Left Hand of God
Josse, The WeakJuganox, The Avatar of the BasiliskJuktantus, The Dragon of Earth
Jupiter, The Twilight DemigoddessJylena, The Star GoddessKara, The Fiery Wanderer
Karhi, The WatcherKazu, The Bounty HunterKendello, The Man-At-Arms
Kervendeth, The God of InventionsKholguc, The Southeast FiendKifuna, The Goddess of Healing
Kikao, The Avatar of the KitsuneKimisha, The ArchdemonKispe, The Avatar of the Gorgon
Kiss, The HuntressKo'Nar Hartwell, The Vagrant SoulKruzraam, The Avatar of the Hellhound
Kryl, The Spirit of IceKulcitana, The Lance PrincessKurgin, The Expert Marksman
Kylune, The Goddess of WarLamedesa, The Avatar of the DryadLance, The Avatar of the Phoenix
Latherrin, The Spirit of WindLaurette, Mother Nature IncarnateLegna, The Dark Messiah
Lerrekea, The Goddess of WaterLexias, The Goddess of DeceitLinahoe, The Goddess of Freedom
List of Kinetic AbilitiesLunari Theory: The Spirit Form's Inner WorkingsLuthrya, The Beautiful Illusionist
Lysal, The Avatar of the CentaurMadesi, The Goddess of CommerceMagnus, The Phantom of the Guitar
Mainfridus, The King of the Round TableMalroas, The God of WindMarcurio, The God of Pleasure
Marmaroth, The Seraph of the WestMatidox, The God of IceMaximus, The Crystal Keeper
Mehedrang, The Dragon of WaterMerlex, The Dragon of FireMimimiya, The Avatar of the Valkyrie
Monoza, The God of KnowledgeMoshashir, The AncientMovarth, The God of Weather
Muqdall, The God of HatredMydaiel, The Guardian AngelNadarjharr, The Spirit of Lightning
Nanthosi, The HolyNaya, The Seraph of the SouthNeon, The Earth Shaker
Nilod, The God of MusicNopharos, The PaladinNytona, The Goddess of Magic
Ojun, The God of VengeanceOlbilis, The Dragon of IceOlit, The Avatar of the Satyr
Omihob, The ParagonOne Minute Brawl 11: Nick VS GokuOne Minute Brawl 12: Vuxo VS Kratos
One Minute Brawl 13: Trunks VS SilverOne Minute Brawl 14:Lucario VS KnucklesOne Minute Brawl 15:Lunari VS Rosa
One Minute Brawl 16:Dark Pit VS DanteOne Minute Brawl 17:Mewtwo VS SilverOne Minute Brawl 18:Superman VS Kara
One Minute Brawl 19:Nick VS TyOne Minute Brawl 1: Vanguard VS MetalOne Minute Brawl 2: Ty VS Silver
One Minute Brawl 3: Cydik VS GabranthOne Minute Brawl 4: Nate VS KnucklesOne Minute Brawl 5: Ion VS Cole
One Minute Brawl 6: Io VS DillianOne Minute Brawl 7: Zigath VS XirsecOne Minute Brawl 8 and 9: Lunari VS Xia and Star VS Shadow
One Minute Brawl Act II ChecklistOne Minute Brawl Act I ChecklistOne Minute Brawl Finale 1: Nick VS Sonic
One Minute Brawl Finale 2:Cydik VS Gabranth 3Opal, The Rebellious TraineeOraura, The Second Incarnation of Fate
Orgrund, The God of TwilightPherme, The ImmortalPhimetrea, The Goddess of Light
Prizor, The Exiled ApprenticeQarracax, Avatar of the CockatriceQuazzi, The Cursed
Querona, The Queen of the GodsQuivilt, The Avatar of the TrollRaimia, The Mystical
Random Battle 1: Joanna VS DawnRandom Battle 2: Rudy VS KendelloRandom Battle 3: Vishno VS Arkiaz
Random Battle 4: Gaius VS DirgeRandom Battle 5: Kulcitana VS JupiterRandom Battle 6: Belial VS Gabranth
Random Battles ChecklistRannveig, The God of ForgivenessRektim, The Patient
Renessara, The Aero MatriarchRexicon, The Royal FlailsmanReynald, The Honest
Riley, The Untapped PotentialRokzel, The Southwest FiendRudy, The Savior
Rueyar, The God of TruthRules for Death MatchesSanvi, The Seraph of the North
Sarcasm, The Incarnation of KarmaSceolang, The God of Success & FailureSelena, The Avatar of the Griffin
Sercages, The God of AlcoholShade, The Escape ArtistShen Delmirev, The Spirit of Darkness
Shizue, The Avatar of the MermaidSiaris, The Goddess of LoveSihilia, The Visionary
Snowe, The Psycho ClownSquall, The Golden DragonStar, The Astro Warrior
Suditi, The Goddess of SpiritsSueta, The WildTenyu, The Incarnation of Destiny
The Pantheon of GodsThe Realms of the GodsTheltai, The Avatar of the Siren
Thoctoh, The ArchitectTiamat, The Southern BruiserTisja, The Avatar of the Minotaur
Tortuah, The Fallen LegendTulelia, The Messenger of the GodsTy, The General of Generals
T’kathidir, The Dragon of DarknessUnalessi, The Sarcastic MageUzadam, The Avatar of the Gargoyle
Vageox, The Sun GodVanguard, Heaven's GatekeeperVaugus, The Dragon of Sand
Vaxjun, The Dragon of LightningVeil, The HunterVelulu, The Necromancer
Vethik, The UnlivingVioletta, The First Incarnation of FateVishno, The King of the Gods
Vivian, The SwordswomanVolris, The God of TrickeryVuxo, The Deathbringer
Whisper, The Unknown AuraWulia, The Spirit of FireWylandria, The Goddess of Sand
Xasara, The Goddess of LifeXestarg, The Great GiantXia, The Right Hand of God
Yevon, The God of InsanityYmmthia, The Third Incarnation of FateYnuna, The Goddess of Seasons
Yolanda, The TeacherYomaz, The Hallowed SpaceYuosta, The Avatar of the Zaratan
Zegram, The God of DeathZephena, The Avatar of the HarpyZezko, The Demon God
Zothrun, The Northeast FiendZurlax, The God of Dreams
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