Maximus is a human that stands at roughly 6'1 and weighs in at about 163 pounds. Maximus is a human who before his untimely death, was 24 years old. He aged during the time he was supposedly dead, but his father's immortality kept him alive. His injuries forced him to become mostly robotic for the time he was trapped inside the twisted forest.

While the rest of his injuries were healed by his father Vuxo when he returned to his castle, even Vuxo couldn't restore Maximus's eye since it was removed from it's socket and no longer connected to his brain. So while Maximus is now back to normal, his left eye is still robotic and will be for the rest of his life unless someone else can find a way to fix it for him.

Whenever Maximus transformed, his hair sometimes would turn blue. However, other times, it would turn him green instead. It seems that his happier emotions will turn his hair blue and his angrier emotions will turn his hair green. (Although he later learned how to control the 2 and now can choose which he wants to use)


Maximus is hard to prepare for. He usually is a nice dude, but he can become deadly once you piss him off. His forms amp this up to the next level with their drastic power increases. Maximus prefers to be a fun-loving, light-hearted dude, but like I said, he can become vicious and nasty if he's forced into a corner. Maximus is generally someone who likes being left alone and being able to train without interruptions from really anyone, not even his dad if he can help it. Maximus's relationship with his dad is very strained and isn't very powerful like you'd expect it to be.

Even with all of that said, Maximus is a very diverse character who has bouts of anger, sadness, confusion, and even a slight clinging tendency every now and then.




Pyrokinesis- Maximus could create enough fire to mimic Hell itself if he wanted to.

Electrokinesis- Maximus had enough electricity to hold back a thunderstorm for a few months.

Super Speed- Maximus was rumored to be faster than light in just his base form.

Super Strength- Maximus was rumored to have strength that was greater than that of Ty.

Crystallokinesis- Maximus was rather famous for his ability to create crystals to use as weapons and armor. His ability with crystals were far beyond his pyrokinetic and electrokinetic abilities.


(I'll start adding these later)


(Note: All of the forms have been listed, but the multipliers will be added later)


Focused (Blue)

Angry (Green)

Calm (Blue)

Furious (Green)

Peaceful (Blue)

Ballistic (Green)

Tranquil (Blue)

Irate (Green)

Balanced (Blue)

Raging (Green)

Crystal Guardian

Crystal Master

Crystal God






1.Maximus's name was inspired by the main character of the movie Gladiator that I watched back in 2000/2001. (His name was also Maximus)

2.Maximus is ambidextrous, just like his father and his Creator. (Ambidextrous means equally adept with both your left and right hands)