Welcome to ONE MINUTE BRAWL! This is the 14th episode and it's an epic one. Lucario, the aura-sensing pokemon is up against Knuckles, a veteran that lost to Nate in the 4th battle. Anyway, it's time to see which of these 2 fighters are gonna survive. IT'S TIME FOR A ONE MINUTE BRAWL!

The Fight 

Location:Pokemon Gym Time: 9:00AM

Knuckles just walked into a pokemon gym to challenge the gym leader for the Emerald Badge. However, he lost and now wants to murder everyone. But, there's no need to fear, Lucario is HERE! Lucario bitchslaps Knuckles and says "Show me what you can do". Knuckles got even more pissed and yelled "YOU ASSHOLE"! "I'LL TURN YOU INTO A CARPET"!

Round 1...... FIGHT!

Knuckles ran at Lucario and punched him in the face. Lucario responded with a swift kick to the gut. Knuckles started jumping around and punching and kicking Lucario. Lucario used counter and disruppted Knuckles's attacks. Then Lucario smacked Knuckles with force palm and followed it up with a kick to the face. Knuckles got up and went super. "How do you like me now"? "Hmm... you're.... magenta"? said Lucario. Knuckles made an angry face and punched Lucario flying through the wall of the gym. Knuckles followed him and punched him into the ground. Then Lucario jumped out with a cut on his nose. "YOU BITCH"! "YOU HAVE SCARRED MY FACE"! Then Lucario blasted a gigantic aura sphere at Knuckles. Knuckles went flying back several feet and now he's back inside the building. Then Lucario became MEGA LUCARIO! Lucario grabbed Knuckles by his head and slammed him into the floor of the gym. Which caused it to collapse on both of them. Lucario came out of the wreckage in normal form. Then Knuckles came out in hyper form and grabbed Lucario by the head and tossed him into the air. As Lucario fell down, he saw Sir Aaron in a vision. It enraged him to the point where he sped down and punched Knuckles in the face with an aura sphere. Knuckles went flying out of hyper form and barely managed to stand up. Lucario lost his adrennaline rush and started to crumble too. They ran at each other and Knuckles used a giant punch while Lucario used force palm. The attacks met and they equaled each other. Knuckles stumbled backwards, but managed to still stand. But Lucario used the aura to enhance his strength one more time! He used all the aura he had inside him as well as his last bit of strength to punch Knuckles in the face with an aura-infused mega punch. Knuckles went flying back through the gym and it exploded. KO!


Next up is gonna be...

Lunari vs Rosa!

A battle that would be interesting to see is coming soon!