Welcome to ONE MINUTE BRAWL! Today we will see how good I can make articles from my xbox. So if it looks bad, thats why. Anyway, you guys clicked on this page to see Superman fight Kara in a fight to the death. I won't keep you waiting any longer!

The Fight 

Location:Metropolis Time:11:00 AM

Kara saw Superman on TV beat up and capture Doomsday. She grew tired of Superma always winning. She set out to change that. Kara found Superman and challenged him to a battle to the death. Superman acceptee. Saying "This little girl doesn't know what shes getting into".


Kara charged at Superman, but he dodged and punched her. Kara flew back and used a wall like a springboard to repel herself back towards Superman. She hit him with a full-force punch that made Superman's mouth bleed. "Whoose the little girl now BITCH"! Kara said as she punched him again.Superman got pissed and blasted Kara with heat vision. Kara shielded the blast and used her new power to punch Supes into space. Kara began to walk away. But then Superman flew back in as Superman Prime.(The OP comic one) He punched her flying through the Earth, Venus and Mercury. Kara regained her balance as Superman blasted Prime Heat Vision. Kara at first blocked it. But then she began to absorb it. When Superman ran out of solar power, Kara punched him so hard, his teeth fell out. "Is this really the man of steel"? Kara asked. Then she grabbed Superman by his throat and began absorbing his powers. Then she said "I have grown tired of you Superman". "You no longer have a use, goodbye'. Kara said before using Superman's own heat vision to blast his head off. KO!


Next up...

A battle that will decide the true winner...

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