Prizor is a human that is 6'3 and weighs in at about 255 pounds. Prizor has golden rings that are around both of his wrists and ankles and 1 goes around his forehead like a crown. There are another 2 that go around both of his shoulders and both of his elbows. (In other words, there's 2 on each shoulder and 2 on each elbow) There are also 2 more that can be seen on his ears. There is another ring that is worn like a belt buckle. Prizor also wears a crimson cloak that covers his back and sides from his neck down to his ankles around his normal clothes, which is a black t-shirt and black shorts along with black and red sneakers. The cloak itself literally radiates hear as Prizor gets more and more pissed off. Eventually, it'll catch on fire and Prizor will be seething with anger if he's pushed that far.

The rings all have names as well and can speak to Prizor. The rings' names are Clavicus, Mehrunes, Hermeaus, Azura, Nocturnal, Boethia, Hircine, Molag, Vaermina, Mephala, Peryite, Sheogorath, Malacath, Namira, Sanguine, and Meridia. Their personalities also differ from one to another. Prizor can ask them for council, but he prefers not to since they'll wind up arguing inside his head. (Imagine like 15 people arguing at the same time, now imagine it happening in your mind) However, each and every one of the rings has their own special effects and perks that Prizor can call upon if he needs.




Prizor was born as the only child of *white noise*. Due to this, and a few other events, his parents didn't really spend much time with him and he grew up without friends and grew to hate others because of it. He joined the military to vent his frustration out on enemies. Prizor thought of it as a way to let his anger out without getting in any trouble. However, he didn't get far before he would face Vuxo, but would be defeated and his entire squad was killed due to him not being able to protect them. Prizor's life was only spared because Vuxo recognized his strength and gave Prizor an ultimatum, "Join me as my apprentice or die". Without having much choice in the matter, Prizor decided to join. Prizor worked as Vuxo's very own Apprentice, handling all of Vuxo's dirty work. For a time, it worked out rather well for both of them, Vuxo had someone else doing his work for him & Prizor was slowly learning from a master of combat.

But it didn't last, as Vuxo betrayed Prizor and left him for dead. Before he died however, Prizor was visited by Havok, the God of Ruin & Destruction, who gave him a chance to live again as his Agent of Destruction. Which led to Prizor swearing vengeance on his former Master and accepting the offer from Havok. He then started his quest for vengeance, which is explained in his fangame, Prizor's Wrath. After killing almost everyone on Earth, including the girl he had fallen in love with, and failing to kill Vuxo, Prizor winds up in what appears to be an alternate Earth. There, he encounters an unknown spirit who calls Prizor "Mortal" and offers him the power to destroy Vuxo and to return Gold, the only person he ever loved, to life if he destroys the Gods and Goddesses of the planet for it. Prizor accepted and began his quest to destroy every single God and Goddess on this alternate Earth 1 by 1. Prizor began his quest by killing the God of Fire, the Goddess of Nature, and then the God of Ice before returning to the spirit, who congratulated him and took Prizor's old sword away from before giving him 2 newer ones that looked even more evil. Prizor then set out again with these new tools of destruction at his disposal and has used them to carve a path through more of the Gods and Goddesses.


Telekinesis- Prizor is an expert at his telekinesis, he far outclasses a normal telekinetic.

Teleportation- Prizor can teleport and can use it rapidly before even starting to tire.

Flyrokinesis- Prizor can create force-fields that can withstand shots from Vuxo.

Aggressiokinesis- Prizor can manipulate his OWN anger to fuel him and become even more powerful than he already is.

Electrokinesis- While Prizor is capable of using electricity as a weapon, he can also infuse it into his swords, lances, battleaxes, and whips as well.

Flight- Prizor can fly without a jetpack or the sort.

Mental Corruption- Prizor learned this from Vuxo. Using it, Prizor can corrupt minds of heroes or villains. The ability is strong enough to turn the greatest hero to the dark side.

Supernatural Durability- Due to his extreme anger, Prizor can take many, many, hits to defeat. His anger and already insane durability combined allows him to take punishment from Gods and even Elder Gods for a while.

Infernokinesis- From the Demonic blood of his father, he gains the ability to use hellfire. a fire that normal pyrokinetics can't manipulate.

Photokinesis- From the Angelic blood of his father, he gains the ability to manipulate light. Prizor can even use this to make himself invisible by distorting light rays.

Supernatural Strength- From both of the bloods of his father, Prizor gains super strength that allows him to perform extraordinary feats of strength. Examples of which will be seen in his fangame.

Supernatural Speed- While not being insanely fast, Prizor is faster than the average superpowered human by an average margin.

Mind Reading- While Prizor is capable of reading minds, he hasn't used the ability for a while since he'd rather just pound his opponent's skull in than read their minds. But he could be pushed to doing so if the opponent presents a large enough challenge.

Regeneration- If Prizor wasn't already tough enough to kill due to his durability, his regeneration combined with that is fearsome indeed.


Angry Revival- As long as Prizor is angry, he can revive himself countless times. However, keep in mind that this ability stems from his soul, so a soul-destroying attack could do him in.

Telekinetic Weaponry- Prizor can move all of his weapons with telekinesis. He's even capable of using it on the weapon's of opponents to disarm them or use their weapons against them.

Power Rings Removal- Prizor can remove his power rings to allow more of his power out as well as transform into his his most powerful state. However, it also gives him less council.


Unnamed Sword- Prizor got this sword from Vuxo sometime before his betrayal and it is Prizor's primary melee weapon. It has a soul inside of it that feeds on those killed by it's wielder, and every time Prizor takes a life, the sword grows in power. However, after the events of Prizor's first adventure and the start of his second, the sword was given to the ancient spirit who has tasked Prizor with killing the Gods and Goddesses of the Anti-Earth, where it still remains as of this point in his story.

Magister & Conviction- Prizor's twin blades he obtained from the ancient spirit he's working for in his second adventure. These look and feel much more evil than Prizor's old blade and when combined into their single blade form, they become extremely powerful, even to the point of being able to kill Gods in only a few hits. At the moment, it is unknown if these are stronger or weaker than Prizor's previous blade. But, it is safe to assume that they are rather equal as of this point.

Chain Whips- These whips made from stainless steel are quite tough and damaging. They also can be used as a rope or as a grappling hook to reach other areas, Indiana Jones-style. The chains also have the ability to regenerate in case they're broken. They also can grow spikes for extra damage and to better stick into materials like ice or stone and to also pierce armor with much more ease. Prizor wears these wrapped around his shoulders when not in battle, and he unravels them during battle with his telekinesis.

Telekinetic Spears- There are 7 of these in all. Prizor could very well wield them with his hands, but he prefers to use them with his telekinesis as a sneak attack. These are nearly unbreakable and Prizor often hones their tips to keep them in shape. Prizor's ability to use these for lethal sneak attacks is astonishing, as even Xia was caught off-guard by one of these when it impaled her during her and Prizor's battle. They also have shown to be quite durable as well, even allowing Prizor to "surf" on one of them during his first adventure.

Titanslayer- A large battleaxe that is used as Prizor's heavy damage output weapon. It deals extremely heavy damage, but severely lacks speed as a counterbalance. This titan can cause earthquakes if Prizor slams it into the ground, which he demonstrated during a fight in his second adventure. It also can be thrown like a tomahawk if Prizor uses his telekinesis, which he previously did in order to kill an Elder God near the end of his first adventure in one of it's most epic battles.

Scythe of Exile- Formerly belonging to Zezko, Prizor took this as a souvenir after his hard-fought battle with the Demon God. Anything killed by this scythe's blades will NEVER return or be revived. This weapon could even stop Prizor himself if his opponent uses it against him and manages to kill him. Prizor has yet to actually wield this weapon, as he knows it's potential to do him in if his foe gets a hold of it and he seems to actually fear this weapon because of it. Which may explain WHY he took it with him in the first place, so no one else could get a hold of it to use it against him.

(Possibly more coming in his second adventure, IDK 100% yet)



Power Ring Removal Stage I

Prizor takes off 1 to 3 of his Power Rings to increase both his damage output & his physical strength, allowing him to use more energy in order to quickly overpower his foes.

Power Ring Removal Stage II

Prizor takes off 4 to 7 of his Power Rings to increase both his movement speed & his reaction speed, allowing him to move and dodge faster than before.

Power Ring Removal Stage III

Prizor takes off 8 to 11 of his Power Rings and he starts to control his powers much better, allowing him to become much more precise and tactical with his attacks in addition to him using up less energy maintaining his form.

Power Ring Removal Stage IV

Prizor takes 12 to 15 of his Power Rings off and his stats start to multiply based on how angry he is and how angry he's getting, as well as causing his durability to shoot through the roof. Allowing him to take even more punishment than before and still have an answer for his opponent.

Power Ring Removal Stage V

By removing all 16 of his Power Rings, Prizor's divine power is unleashed as his eyes turn black and his stats start to multiply based on how angry he is to the power of 10,000. This form is truly a sight to behold, as Prizor's energy starts to overtake that of a God's and he only continues to grow in power as time goes on.

Pseudo-Soul Devourer Form

(Reached by taking off all of his Power Rings without his sword in his possession)

If Prizor removed all 16 of his Power Rings and tries to enter his Soul Devourer Form without using his blade, then he will enter this state. This form gives Prizor roughly half the massive power spike that his true ascension gives him, but Prizor cannot perceive the difference between the 2 at this point and cannot tell one from the other. Since Prizor lacks his sword for most of his second adventure, it is safe to assume that this is Prizor's standard transformation in that adventure as opposed to the first adventure's true form.

True Soul Devourer Form

(Only can be reached after taking off all of his Power Rings & having his sword in his possessions)

By absorbing the souls of those he's killed from his sword, Prizor gains an insane boost to his stats that is equal to all of the power inside of all of the souls that are trapped inside of his blade. However, without his sword, this form is very difficult to reach, as Prizor would have to use his telekinesis to direct the souls to him rather than just absorb them through contact with the blade. However, without the blade being in his possessions at all, this form is unreachable. This form's maximum potential is virtually unlimited, as it's only limited by how many Prizor is willing to kill with his blade.

The Power Rings

The original 15 rings all offer Prizor council and advice, and although he rarely asks for it, he has asked a few times for council on what he should do. Most notably during the few times when he's shown to be thinking about something during a battle. However, between the events of Prizor's Wrath and Prizor's Wrath 2, he obtained a 16th ring to offer him council as well. Here's a list of all of the rings along with what they can do to help Prizor if he's willing to ask them for help.

(Note: There are more than just 16 of these rings, Prizor just has 16 currently out of the total amount)

In Possession


A ring with great intellect and a calm manner, it often plays the "voice of logic" role when it comes to what Prizor should do. The ring speaks using only logic to dictate what Prizor should do and isn't swayed by emotions, making it arguably one of the most dangerous rings in Prizor's possessions since there's no possible way to negate it via normal means. When the ring is activated, Azura will grant Prizor protection from magic-based attacks and also allow him to use some magic of his own. Even when inactive, the ring makes Prizor much more resistant to every form of magic, from Black Magic to Arcane Magic, which helped him greatly in his battle with Xia.


A ring of deceit and lies that only tries to get ahead of all others, it often plays the "voice of betrayal" role when it comes to what Prizor should do. This ring encourages Prizor to betray others like he was once betrayed by one he trusted and that he should not grow close to anyone else again, knowing full well that all must die in order for his wrath to finally be pacified. When the ring is activated, Boethiah will grant Prizor the ability to hide in the shadows and attack his foes from there with the blade of deceit. Even when inactive, the ring allows Prizor to detect when someone is lying to him, which has helped him several times during both of his adventures.


A ring with an uncontrollable wild side and ferocity, it often plays the "voice of sport" role when it comes to what Prizor should do, often having him toy around with whoever he's against for the sake of an interesting fight. This ring also has the tendency to see everything as a hunt, with itself and it's wielder being the predator and everything else being the prey. While this mindset can sometimes be disadvantageous, it usually helps Prizor fight against his foes by him picturing that they're much weaker than what they say they are. When the ring is activated, Hircine throws Prizor into a blind rage that makes him even more of a lethal killing machine than normal. Even when inactive, the ring makes Prizor much more irritable than a normal person and gives him a lot of tenacity, which can easily lead him in a bloodlust frenzy.


A ring that houses extremely destructive power and ambition, it often plays the "voice of anger" role when it comes to what Prizor should do, often telling him to use his rage to destroy all who oppose him without any remorse. When the ring is activated, Mehrunes increases Prizor's strength many times over by granting some of his own energy, allowing him to do things that outclass almost all demigods and quite a few of the Gods. Mehrunes also pushes Prizor to destroy whatever gets in his way, often telling him "If it gets in your way, it must perish"! Even when inactive, the ring allows Prizor to hit much harder than someone typically does, even with super strength.


A ring full of magic and wishes, it often plays the "voice of wishing" role when it comes to what Prizor should do, it often tells him to do what he wishes to do and not let anything stop him. When the ring is activated, Clavius allows Prizor to ask for one wish from him before the ring deactivates and cannot be used again for 24 hours. The wish can be nearly anything Prizor wants it to be, provided that it isn't too far beyond Clavicus's power and actually has the possibility of being able to happen. Even when inactive, this ring pushes Prizor to do as he wishes, giving him extra incentive to push on being neither for Prizor's wishes nor against Prizor's wishes.


A ring that is filled so much to the brim with passion that it almost overflows, this often plays the "voice of emotion" role when it comes to what Prizor should do, as it almost always tells him to do what his heart tells him to do. When this ring is activated, Sanguine will let Prizor's strongest emotion off his mental chain, allowing him to use his own emotions as a conduit to draw power from. Even when inactive, this ring allows Prizor to tap into his inner emotions in order to draw some power out, but not as much power he would get by activating it. Think of this ring being the ring that basically gets him to remember Gold and that he has to slay every God for her sake rather then his own.


A ring built on the foundations of outcasts and the ostracized of the world, this often plays the "voice of sympathy" role when it comes to what Prizor should do, it is one of the few rings who can convince Prizor to spare someone from it being able to make Prizor feel some form of sympathy for his opponent. This is also the ring that was noted to have made Prizor spare 3 different people he could've easily killed, but chose not to do so. When this ring is activated, Malacath gives Prizor the ability to sympathize with nearly all others and feel their own pain and sorrow to better understand them. Even when inactive, this ring allows Prizor to detect any sorrow and pain in most others and still understand them to an extent.


A ring made from the combination of every Mortal's fears, this often plays the "boogeyman" role when it comes to what Prizor should do, it often tries to get him to terrify the hell out of his foes before beating them senseless or killing them. It often gives Prizor strategies on how to break the minds of his foes before he goes in for the kill, which he's done on a few occasions, but not as much as you'd think. When this ring is activated, Namira allows Prizor to be able to sense the fear in others and feed off it in order to weaken them and strengthen himself, only the truly fearless will be able to resist this ability. Even when inactive, the ring allows Prizor to sense the fear of others and use those fears against them.


A ring built on the promises of dreams and aspirations, on the premise that anything was possible if you believed in it enough, this often plays the "voice of support" role, it often is the ring that gets Prizor back on his feet after he's taken a serious blow by getting him to believe in whatever he's doing being the right thing to do. This ring is almost always full of energy and ready to replenish Prizor's desire to get his revenge, even when he's been pushed against the wall by an overpowering entity. When activated, Vaermina gives Prizor a second wind that allows him to stand up and fight once again, even after a lethal blow. Even when inactive, the ring slowly builds up it's wielder's beliefs in order to make them even tougher to keep down for even the strongest of opposition.


A ring forged in the endless seas of knowledge in antiquity, this ring often plays the "brainiac" role when it comes to what Prizor should do, it is the cold and calculating voice that draws maps for, creates foolproof plans for, and provides information for Prizor. This ring, if it was utilized more often, could potentially make Prizor nigh-omniscient since it was originally created by Earth's God of Knowledge, Monoza. When activated, Hermaeus will grant a huge dose of knowledge to Prizor, giving him much more information then he possess and opening his eyes up to see more that he can do with what he already has. Even when inactive, the ring slowly grants new knowledge to it's wielder, slowly making them more educated and able to better improve themselves from the information. This ring has helped Prizor realize more of his extremely brutal potential as well, as it has given him strategies for some of his most violent kills.


A ring created from the pure evil left behind after Satan's death, this ring often plays the "voice of evil" role when it comes to what Prizor should do, it often tells him how to use others to get what he wants and to dispose of them once they've become worthless. When activated, Molag will grant Prizor the ability to corrupt the minds and even the very soul of others, provided that Prizor is able to break their mind and make them believe in his way, effectively putting the affected under his power and forcing them to serve his cause. It also gives him the ability to forcefully "anchor" himself to others and corrupt them from the inside. Even when inactive, the ring will allow Prizor to resist brainwashing, mind-controlling, and moral-altering attacks and abilities, which helped greatly against Gabranth, allowing Prizor to resist his influence and battle the Dark God man-to-man. It is rumored that this ring has the soul of Satan himself inside of it, which would explain it's evil tendencies perfectly.


A ring created from the random scratches and notes of countless madmen, this ring always plays the "wild card" role when it comes to what Prizor should do, the ring tells Prizor the most crazy, weird, and disturbing, things to say and do. This ring has affected Prizor only a few times, but it has had lethal and disturbing results every single time. When this ring is activated, Sheogorath grants Prizor a completely random ability ranging from a kinetic power, like cryokinesis or geokinesis, to less useful abilities, like color manipulation or mud manipulation, to powerful abilities, like summoning or time manipulation, to the downright weird powers, like cheese manipulation or the power of being able to be forgotten by everyone. However, this power is only kept for about 30 minutes before Prizor loses it. Even when it's inactive, the ring sometimes will fuck with the opponent's powers, weapons, or abilities, but with random, and limited, effectiveness.


A ring created from the darkness of antiquity, this ring often plays the "mysterious voice" role when it comes to what Prizor should do, it often speaks in riddles and forces Prizor to think about what it means for a bit. When the ring is activated, Nocturnal will grant Prizor the ability to use any and all forms of darkness at his disposal, to hide in the darkness and vanish from his foes, to create deadly traps made from the dark, to drag his opponents into the depths of darkness to show them true terror, to unleash the destructive power of dark magic, and to take sight away from foes, among other possible applications. Even when inactive, the ring allows Prizor to see in the dark perfectly, despite not having night vision, and also allows him to be able to resist darkness-based attacks and abilities, which allowed him to eventually overcome Gabranth and almost kill the Dark God.


A ring built to house all of the secrets of creation, this ring often plays the "voice of secrets" role when it comes to what Prizor should do, often whispering secrets to him to use against his opponents in order to defeat them. Offering forbidden knowledge, the influence of Mephala is quite the challenge to resist. When this ring is activated, Mephala will tell Prizor 5-10 secrets, however, these 5 secrets are chosen by Mephala herself and may, or may not, have anything to do with the fight or other task at hand. In other words, Mephala could tell Prizor 5-10 worthless secrets and then leave if she wants to. Even when inactive, the ring whispers to not only Prizor, but also those who Mephala chooses to speak to, which can easily confuse or scare anyone she chooses to speak to, which could give Prizor an advantage if he's taking a beating from an opponent and she manages to catch them off-guard with her voice.


A ring built to keep order over all of the unruly Mortals, this ring often plays the "voice of balance" role when it comes to what Prizor should do, it often tells him to do things that will uphold the natural order of everything and keep everything he does balanced, don't kill too much or not enough, try to get it just right. Unfortunately for most, this ring hasn't managed to get through to Prizor at all, he's still in his "kill everyone" mentality. When this ring is activated, Peryite will grant Prizor the ability to think clearly and not have to rely on his rage in order to overcome opposition, the ability to gain order over his own rage so he can fight using actual tactics rather than just trying to obliterate anyone who gets in the way. Even when inactive, the ring tries to keep Prizor's rage in check, but it often doesn't manage to hold for very long and eventually, the rage breaks free and pours out from Prizor.


A ring built from the first light that showered down on Mortals, this ring often plays the "voice of good" role when it comes to what Prizor should do. It often tries to get him to do good for those he meets and to try to change his own ways and become better than what he's become by speaking to him, trying to be as nice as possible. While all of those methods have proven thus far to be in vain, when the ring is activated, it imbues Prizor with a sense of being hallowed, allowing him to see the error of his own ways and it fills him with the desire to mend his ways and become good again, for a short time anyway. That said desire, though, has a dark side to it. If anyone tries to stop Prizor from mending his ways in this state, then Prizor will turn on them and try to destroy them. Even when inactive, this ring protects Prizor from light-based attacks and it tries to change Prizor's ways by trying to get him to listen to the voice of good that he's long since shut off from his ears.

Not In Possession

(Note: This little section is subject to change)






















Prizor's thirst for vengeance makes him very hard to kill since he'll kill anyone who gets in his way regardless of who there are or if they're a hero or a villain.

Prizor's ability to murder without remorse makes him very adept in killing others, almost to the point of being psychotic and having no empathy for others.

Prizor's very soul makes it impossible to kill him with just physical means alone, giving most opponents a severe disadvantage already.

Prizor's ability to seek council with the power rings allows him to gain insight on various things. (Generally, info about locations and battle strategies than actual characters)

Prizor's overpowering ferocity allows him to quickly tear through almost anyone, even Gods and Godlike beings cannot hold up for very long against Prizor's brutal onslaughts.


Prizor's rage-filled attack style can be countered by a strategist or an expert combatant.

A soul-shattering attack can destroy Prizor for good if he's weakened enough. (Like to <20% of his energy)

Removing the power rings gives Prizor less council and abilities to use.

If the Scythe of Exile is turned against Prizor, it has the power to stop him from ever returning again.


"My vengeance knows no bounds Master, and I will prove it to all of the worlds... by destroying you"!

- Prizor's ending speech in the secret ending of his first game.

"When my first Master left me to die, I found another". "I came face to face with Death for a mere moment before another one of the Gods appeared before me". "Havok, the God of Ruination, one of the few Gods that most others feared and hoped to never meet, came to me". "He offered me the energy to break free from the grim fate of my untimely demise in exchange for me becoming his Agent of Chaos and spreading as much ruin across as much of Earth as I possibly could". "With another chance to live at my discretion, the thoughts of revenge drifted into my mind". "I accepted the offer from a generous God and awoke from my near-death comatose and left the hut he'd made to house me in". "The rest, is history".

- Prizor explaining just how he survived his initial beating from Vuxo.

"But even the God I pledged my life to wouldn't accept me for who I was". "He was content with my bloodshed for a while, but he eventually grew to fear me as well". "He tried to change me, make me who I wasn't, so I disavowed him and destroyed him". "After having 2 Masters who failed to help me grow more powerful, I will not accept a third".

- Prizor explaining why he eventually destroyed his second Master, Havok.

Theme Song

"Once In A Lifetime" by DragonForce (Prizor's Theme)

Dragonforce - Once in a Lifetime Lyrics

Dragonforce - Once in a Lifetime Lyrics

This is Prizor's theme

"Dark clouds and thunderstorms"- Prizor remembering his bad childhood.

"In the Fire and Flames were born".- Prizor's hatred started in the dark depths of his childhood.

"Hellfires and rain will fall, time is coming for us all".- There's Hell to be payed, and that time is coming for nearly everyone.

"Firelight is burning so bright in the dark of the night".- Prizor has left a path of ruin in his trek through Earth

"There's nowhere to hide".- There is literally nowhere to hide from Prizor, he'll find you.

"On the wings of your destiny brings all the power you crave".- Prizor kinda craves power and he wants it to achieve his goal.

"Lost in this world, a total stranger".- Prizor is kinda lost in the world, as he doesn't know it very well.

"Death by the sword, a common danger".- The chance of Prizor killing you, is pretty high.

March on all night, forever searching".- Prizor will march on and on until he finds Vuxo.

"You stand for what you believe, I kill for what I conceive".- Prizor doesn't care if you're a hero, he'll kill anyone who gets in his way.

"Is there then a title for this 'game'"?- Prizor asks this to himself, he wants to know if Life really is a game like it appears to be.

"Violent fury of firestorming death, now no life will prevail".- Prizor's made it clear that he'll kill everyone if he must do so to reach Vuxo.

"Now the time has come for you to be free".- Prizor knows that there's gonna be a long road to Vuxo. But he'll make himself free from his rage by any means he needs to use.