This is something I've decided to start.

I'm picking 2, or maybe more sometimes more, characters from across fiction.

And then I'm throwing them at each other without any research being done to justify the winner.

In other words, I'm having people fight for no real reason other than to just see what would possibly happen.

With all of that said, I guess it's time I get this first fight started.

Pre-Battle Statistics


Strength- 7/10

Speed- 10/10

Durability- 9/10

Intelligence- 8/10

Skill- 6/10


Strength- 9/10

Speed- 9/10

Durability- 10/10

Intelligence- 8/10

Skill- 8/10

The Battle

Location: Hell

Time: N/A

Prep Time: None

...............................................................................................................................................................................In the middle of Hell stood a dueling circle, where any 2 demons could enter and battle to the death. Joanna and Dawn both entered and prepared to face off as Joanna drew her scythe, Unfaithful Edge, from its sheath and pointed it at Dawn before saying "I'm going to carve you up nice and quick". Then Dawn drew her own scythe, Tournesol, from it's sheath and pointed it towards the ground before saying "Even if you carve me up Joanna, I'll still be ready to fight you in a matter of seconds". Then they both prepared to face off as the opening bell was sounded and the fight had officially begun. Then, Dawn and Joanna both slashed towards each other, sparks erupting off their scythes as they both growled at the other with determination glowing in their eyes!


Then Joanna sliced at Dawn, who caught her slash and then kicked her in the side of the head. Joanna stumbled backwards and snarled at Dawn, who put her scythe on her shoulder with the blade facing upwards using her right hand and used her left hand to tell Joanna to bring it. Joanna then dashed at Dawn and sliced into her, digging into her skin. However, Dawn casually brushed this this by simply poking Joanna in the eyes and then kicking her backwards into a wall. Dawn then pulled out Joanna's scythe from her body and tossed it back to her, saying "You forgot something". Then Joanna snarled and rushed at Dawn again, this time slashing at her, and getting caught by Dawn with one of her own slashes before Joanna slapped Dawn across the face and then kicked her, knocking her backwards a little bit. Then Joanna blasted Dawn with an intense gout of hellfire, which Dawn simply took without a scratch before entering her super form and twirling her scythe between her fingers like a baton as she said "Playing rough huh"? "I can adapt to that".

Dawn then moved forward and slashed Joanna into the air before teleporting up to where she was, where roughly 15 clones of Dawn appeared and all sliced her from different directions before Dawn herself appeared above her and summoned Zalexia, which she then fired an arrow into Joanna's chest before using a blast of white fire to blast her back down to the ground, where Joanna crashed and created a crater. Dawn fell back down to the ground and landed on her feet, she sheathed Zalexia and unsheathed Tournesol before saying "Is that all you got Jojo"? Then Joanna emerged from the crater, she grew 2 demonic horns and a demonic tail as she entered her Demon Form! Joanna then snarled and sent a green version of herself forward, which tried to slash Dawn with a green version of Joanna's scythe. However, Dawn caught this slash with Tournesol and Joanna then sent a blue version of herself towards Dawn, wielding a blue version of her scythe. Dawn managed to block this one too, although she struggled a little bit to hold both of the clones's scythes back. Joanna wasn't finished yet, as she summoned a yellow version of herself and sent it after Dawn.

Dawn bashed the blue clone in the face with the pommel of Tournesol and disarmed the green clone before impaling it in the side of the head with Tournesol's blade before using the pommel to strike the yellow clone in the chest as it approached stopping it in it's tracks as Dawn then slashed the blue one's head straight off and then sliced the yellow clone into pieces with just 2 slashes. Then Dawn licked the blood from Tournesol's blade and said "Tasty". Joanna then created another green, blue, and yellow clone of herself that all rushed towards Dawn as the actual Joanna then summoned a red version of herself and sent it after Dawn as well. Dawn was blocking and bashing back and forth, keeping all of the clones at bay while she slowly started to tire out. After being tired out, the clones all began to slash at Dawn over and over. Dawn took the slashes and remained standing through the entire attack, until all 4 clones stopped and saw her still standing up to face them. Then Dawn smiled and said "Well then, I guess it's okay if I let my demons out to play with you and your friends". Then Dawn entered her Iblis Form!

Dawn then suddenly, and without warning, sliced Tournesol around in a 360-degree radius and slashed straight through all of the clones, weapons and all, before they exploded into fountains of blood that rained all over Dawn. Dawn merely licked her lips and pointed Tournesol at Joanna before saying "Look who's next". Then Joanna called down a bright moonbeam that enveloped Dawn in a bright light that started to burn her as she started walking towards Joanna, ignoring the moonbeam. Joanna then created another blue, green, red, and yellow clone, as well as a purple and an orange one, and sent them all at Dawn. Dawn slowly hacked through all 6 of the clones, one by one. After she struck down the purple one, the last one standing in her way to Joanna, she summoned Gellostis and streamed huge amounts of magical energy that blasted Joanna backwards before suddenly moving to where she was behind Joanna and then Dawn sliced Joanna across the back, cutting into her skin and drawing blood. Then Dawn kicked Joanna in her ass to knock her off the scythe and said "This is too easy".

Joanna stood up, badly cut and with her healing factor taking a heavy beating. She then summoned her scythe, Unfaithful Edge, and said "You will not make a mockery of me anymore"! Then Joanna dashed forward, but Dawn caught her with another slash to the chest before slashing her again across the back and then slashing her across her knees, causing Joanna to buckle a bit as Dawn appeared behind her and stopped time. Then Dawn carefully placed her scythe in Joanna's back, making sure it would hit every vital in her body, before she walked in front of Joanna and kicked her in the face as time resumed, sending Joanna's head flying off and Tournesol to go straight through her entire chest cavity, impaling her heart and lungs. Dawn then pulled Tournesol out of Joanna's body, along with the still-beating heart. Dawn brushed the intestines off of her scythe and then pulled the heart off the scythe before blasting it with black lightning and destroying it. She then reverted back to her base form, walked over to Joanna's head, and smashed it into bloody bits with her right foot before saying "Curbstomp"!