Sarcasm's Base Form (When not taking something's shape)

Sarcasm is the aspect of Karma that has an aura that is a grey color. He usually wears a blue jacket and green shoes whenever he actually takes the shape of something. He stands at about 5'4 and weighs in at about 99 pounds in his form when he takes the shape of someone, but his true normal appearance is just a blue sphere that floats through the air, glowing with power as it soars through the skies above the world.



Sarcasm is very laid-back and enjoys making jokes rather than fighting others. But when a fight breaks out, he is NOT someone to go easy on, despite what others may tell you. He's skilled in a wide range of stuff and he can easily overpower most beings by himself. Outside of battle, Sarcasm is someone who lays around and does pretty much nothing unless he has to. While this behavior may seem very lazy, both on Sarcasm's part and even a bit on my part as his creator, he still watches from the shadows to see when Karma is due to strike someone or something.

To keep it simple, he's lazy, but he's always watching.


Sarcasm is a being that was created by God in order to help maintain order throughout the universe. In accordance with this, Sarcasm was made into the very Aspect of Karma. Using his powers for good, he works as the backup Angel of Judgement for almost all tasks that deal with mortals. Right after his creation, his "sibling" Tenyu, the Aspect of Destiny, was created, which led to the two of them working together very much while they were young. They didn't really go their separate ways until almost 40 eons later, when they both had finally mastered their powers and didn't have to worry about screwing things up anymore.



Godlike Conditioning



High-Tier Immortality


Elekinesis (Fire, water, wind, earth, ice, lightning, light, and dark)

Karmakinesis (Sarcasm can manipulate karma to his advantage)

Chronokinesis (Sarcasm can manipulate time to his advantage)

Hallucikinesis (Sarcasm can create illusions to distract his foes)

Physikinesis (Sarcasm has the power to manipulate physics to his advantage)

Sarcasm's God Form

Sarcasm's God Form

4th Wall Awareness (Sarcasm can break the 4th wall and no one can stop him from it)




God of Karma (Unknown Multiplier)


1. Sarcasm is an obvious homage to Sans from Undertale.

2. Sarcasm's name was originally going to be Karma.

3. Sarcasm is 1 of my few characters who can break the 4th wall.

4. Sarcasm is the only God of my fanon who's main appearance is just an orb.