Squall's Base Form


Squall is typically a human who stands at 6'3, weighs 288 pounds, wears a white trench coat, sometimes wears a black bandanna he got from his Mother, black biker gloves, white iron boots, and on rare occasions will wear a golden chain necklace he got from his Father.







Dragon Strength (Starts as Supernatural Strength, but becomes progressively stronger as more damage is taken)

Supernatural Speed

Dragon Durability (Starts as Supernatural Durability, but becomes progressively stronger as more damage is taken)

Flight (Limited in Dragon form, unlimited in Dragon God form)

Teleportation (Unlocked in Dragon form, becomes Cosmic in his Dragon God form)

Dragon Shouts (Usable in all forms, but grows in power along with forms)

Elemental Breaths (Can be used in all forms)

Dragon Regeneration (Kicks in during Dragon form, becomes much stronger in Dragon God form)

Mid-Tier Immortality (Applies to all forms)

Heliokinesis (Sunlight)

Lunakinesis (Moonlight)


Stress Control

Night Vision

Weapon Mastery


First Adventure

  1. Officer's Sword --> Greatsword --> Excalibur --> Ultima Weapon
  2. Wooden Shield --> Iron Shield --> Ragnarok
  3. Wooden Bow --> Steel Bow --> Hero's Bow
  4. Iron Arrows --> Steel Arrows --> Crystal Arrows --> Titanium Arrows
  5. Wooden Spear --> Steel Spear --> Hero's Spear
  6. Grappling Hook --> Hookshot --> Clawshot
  7. Fire Arrows --> Inferno Arrows
  8. Bombs --> Power Bombs
  9. Bomb Arrows --> Power Bomb Arrows
  10. Boomerang --> Gale Boomerang --> Hero's Boomerang
  11. Hammer --> Skull Hammer --> Megaton Hammer
  12. Ice Arrows --> Glacier Arrows
  13. Power Bracelets --> Power Gauntlets --> Hero's Gauntlets
  14. Rock Arrows --> Boulder Arrows
  15. Lightning Arrows --> Thunderbolt Arrows
  16. Silver Magnum --> Golden Magnum
  17. Wind Arrows --> Gust Arrows
  18. Water Arrows --> Torrent Arrows
  19. Shurikens --> Triple Shurikens --> Giant Shurikens
  20. Lens of Truth --> Sight of Truth
  21. Light Arrows --> Holy Arrows
  22. Dark Arrows --> Unholy Arrows
  23. Soul Hand --> Soul Claw

Second Adventure

  1. Leather Whip --> Cat of 9 Tails --> Urumi
  2. Ball and Chain --> Flail --> Dire Flail
  3. Chained Sickles --> Chained Scythes
  4. Crossbow --> Steel Crossbow --> CrossBow
  5. Steel Bolts --> Crystal Bolts --> Titanium Bolts
  6. SMG --> LMG --> Assault Rifle
  7. Country Rifle --> Sniper Rifle
  8. Shotgun --> Combat Shotgun
  9. Giant Leaf --> Magic Leaf
  10. Bolas ---> Magic Bolas (Fire/Ice/Wind/Earth/Water/Lightning)

Dragon Shouts

Unrelenting Force

Fus- Force

Ro- Balance

Dah- Push

Squall's voice becomes raw power, giving his voice the power to push nearly anything away from him. His force sends out a shockwave that can blast even gigantic targets, like giants or ogres, backwards. Like almost every other shout of his, this shout grows in power along with Squall and becomes capable of causing entire planets to move.

Aura Whisper

Laas- Life

Vah- Seek

Nir- Hunt

Squall whispers and his eyesight increases in strength even further than it was before. Using this, Squall is able to peer through walls and see the very life force of all mortals. This allows Squall to read a Mortal's very aura and tell their current emotion and thoughts as well as detect them, even through walls and barriers. Those who are capable of hiding their own aura will be able to limit this shout's effectiveness, but they will not be able to fully negate it without extreme effort on their part.

Elemental Fury

Su- Air

Grah- Battle

Dun- Grace

Squall gains a burst of speed in both his arms and legs, allowing him to move faster, react faster, and attack faster. Using this, Squall's speed easily enters the superhuman area, as he becomes capable of both moving and slashing at the speed of light, and even faster, as time goes on. This effect will affect Squall for about 40-60 minutes, plenty of time for him to clean up his current foe and whatever's left of his foe after he's finished with them.


Faas- Fear

Ru- Run

Maar- Terror

Squall's voice strikes the target's body, causing their body to tremble in fear from the sound of Squall's voice. Those affected will experience terror from just glimpses of Squall or just the echoes of his words and will try to flee from him, to avoid the fear they've been given. This shout can be resisted by those who are especially hard to scare, but it will not be an easy endeavor for them. Once affected by this, the target tends to become an easy picking for Squall, not being able to put much more of a fight afterwards.

Animal Allegiance

Raan- Animal

Mir- Allegiance

Tah- Pack

Squall calls upon the wild animals of the nearby area, and they come to fight alongside him. The animals that appear depend on the surroundings. For example, in a forest, deer may come to Squall's aid, but in a desert, snakes may come to his aid instead. However, if against a foe who can talk to animals, this shout loses a considerable amount of it's effectiveness. Due to the random effectiveness of this shout, Squall typically doesn't use this shout and prefers to use the other, more likely to assist him, shouts when he's in a battle.

Storm Call

Strun- Storm

Bah- Wrath

Qo- Lightning

Squall summons a gigantic thunderstorm that unleashes lightning everywhere around Squall every 2-4 seconds. This shout is very effective for taking on large groups of warriors, since it'll tear right into their ranks and deal heavy damage to all of them. However, this shout doesn't concern friends from foes, only Squall himself won't be targeted by this shout. Everyone else, ally or enemy, will be a target of this shout's awesome, and destructive, power.

Drain Vitality

Gaan- Stamina

Lah- Magic

Haas- Health

Squall drains the health, magic, and stamina from his hapless foe. The shout remains in effect until one of two criteria have been fulfilled. The effects will end either when the opponent dies or if Squall decides to have mercy and remove it's effects himself. While it is possible with enough willpower to stop 1 or maybe 2 of the attributes from draining as fast, suppressing all 3 is pretty much impossible unless Squall allows the target to do so by making the effect weaker than normal.

Become Ethereal

Feim- Fade

Zii- Spirit

Gron- Bind

Squall becomes ethereal, a spirit, and is able to watch over anything he desires, unknown, unseen from the rest of the world. In this state, those who don't possess spirit-killing weapons cannot even hit Squall. Squall also becomes immune to most forms of damage in this state, physical attacks, elemental attacks, even magical attacks will no longer effect him. However, as a counterbalance, Squall is also unable to harm others while in this state.

Spectral Clone

Fiik- Mirror

Lo- Deceive

Sah- Phantom

Squall creates a clone of himself that looks and acts just like him, making it hard to discern from Squall himself for most. The main purpose of this shout is for Squall to double his damage output, but it also can easily be used to trick foes into thinking they've won, when they've merely just defeated a weaker clone of Squall, and allow Squall to unleash a deadly counterattack. This can also be used in conjunction with Squall's Dragon Aspect shout to really allow him to dish out some serious damage to his unlucky opponents.

Throw Voice

Zul- Voice

Mey- Fool

Gut- Far

Squall disguises his voice as that of someone else's, which he can use to trick the dim-witted with ease. This also allows Squall to lure his foes to other locations away from him so he can strike his foe without much chance of retaliation. This shout's purpose lies in the trickery or support role rather than the offensive role that shouts typically are a part of, making it stand out even among the other useful shouts in Squall's large arsenal.


Joor- Mortal

Zah- Finite

Frul- Temporary

Squall shouts at a fellow dragon, his words showing them his authority as the Dragon God. Presented with 2 options, the dragon is left with only 2 choices. Either submit to Squall's authority, or be destroyed by the shout's potent power. If the dragon refuses, this shout is a one-hit kill to them, no matter how powerful they are or how wise they are. This shout is how Squall became the Dragon God in the first place, by making every other dragon fall into line by his own command.


Slen- Flesh

Tiid- Time

Vo- Undo

Allows Squall to bring the dead back to the realm of the living, but there are some limits. Only those with souls can be revived this way, those who have been erased also can't be restored this way, and last, this doesn't work on anyone who's body is just a skeleton or ashes by the present time. In other words, it won't bring back someone who died more than a year or 2 ago.

Summon Undead

Diil- Undead

Qoth- Tomb

Zaam- Slave

Squall calls the restless dead up from their slumber to serve him. The undead include zombies, ghosts, vampires, skeletons, and more. Why would these creatures bother serving Squall, you may be asking? Once the battle ends, the undead who were summoned are put at ease, allowing them to never be summoned again. In other words, it releases them from their fate as an undead and allows them to finally be free and move on to whatever their next destination is.

Trap Mortal

Joor- Mortal

Frul- Temporary

Diin- Freeze


Poison Breath

Loniiz- Toxic

Sum- Breathe

Sof- Gas

With the first word, Squall inhales and then exhales poison that creeps into his opponent's bloodstream, dealing high poison damage along with a chance to blind and paralyze them. Using 2 words, the chance to blind doubles, as does the chance to paralyze. Using all 3 words, the chance to blind becomes nearly certain, as does the chance to paralyze. However, it also inflicts a deadly poison-like ailment, draining even more strength than the already-potent poison of the first 2 words.


Vo- Reverse

Narand- Growth

Feyal- Mass



Lom- Water

Riin- Wave

Kran- Tide



Uth- Command

Aar- Slave

Rel- Dominate


Magic Weapon

Zixiir- Random

Gelahuz- Enchantment

Frul- Temporary


Demon's Bane

Nir- Hunt

Gunaar- Crush

Rii- Essence


Life Sponge

Muneyd- Humanoid

Gahnos- Absorb

Laas- Life


Inner Evil

Fuil- Soul

Shule- Ancient

Quon- Darkness


Light Sphere

Kun- Light

Vahraan- Heal

Kaag- Explode


Deep Sleep

Dil- Deep

Fus- Force

Laag- Sleep


Magic Barrier

Lot- Great

Lu- Magic

Tendrok- Barrier


Sun Knight

Krein- Sun

Werid- Praise

Kandaar- Knight


Moon Blessing

Draal- Pray

Hadrim- Mind

Drog- Lord


Dragon Guard

Dilon- Dead

Mid- Loyal

Dein- Guard


Forge Master

Dwiin- Steel

Tu- Hammer

Keyn- Anvil


Father's Wrath

Kun- Light

Fus- Force

Rah- God


Astral Strike

Fil- Star

Tum- Bring

Mul- Fall


Stone Thorns

Golz- Stone

Bah- Wrath

Nin- Pierce


Voice Blade

Dalk- Dagger

Zahkrii- Sword

Tuz- Blade


Slow Time

Tiid- Time

Klo- Sand

Ul- Eternity

This shout is extremely powerful, even with just the first word being used. With Squall using just the first word of this shout, time for everyone aside from Squall gets slowed down to about half of how time normally passes. When Squall uses the second word of the shout, time for everyone aside from Squall gets slowed down to roughly a quarter of how normally passes. When Squall puts all 3 words together in this shout, time for everything except Squall is stopped, allowing Squall to simply walk up to his helpless foe and deal the fatal blow if he chooses to do so. This could also allow Squall to dodge extremely fast attacks by being able to see their direction before they're used.


Ven- Wind

Gaar- Unleash

Nos- Strike

Squall's voice creates a cyclone that tears across the entire area. This cyclone will rip into anything that is nearby and can rip entire cities to shreds with just the first word. The second word allows the cyclone to rip entire continents apart, destroy islands, and cause volcanoes to erupt violently. When Squall uses all 3 words together, the cyclone becomes capable of ravaging the entire planet and possibly even being powerful enough to destroy the entire planet.

Bend Will

Gol- Earth

Hah- Mind

Dov- Dragon

Squall's voice echoes inside his foe's mind, driving them ever more insane with his very voice slowly settling in on their brain. The effect may take a while, but every mind will eventually break if given enough time. Once the effect sets in, the target falls under the control of Squall and will obey his every command without question. The length of time that the target remains affected depends on their willpower, but even those with powerful wills have taken hours to shrug off the effects. Those few, lucky, individuals who are immune to mind-controlling techniques won't be affected by this shout.

Marked For Death

Krii- Kill

Lun- Leech

Aus- Suffer

Squall says a curse that slowly, but surely, weakens his foes very life force and even their armor, provided they're wearing any. This will cause armor to start to corrode, making it weaker and weaker every second and eventually causing it to break down and fall apart. Armor with the "unbreakable" effect will resist being broken, but will still suffer damage and offer less defense than it normally would. This cannot kill immortals, or those who can regenerate, but it will weaken them and make their regeneration weaker than normal, which could potentially be used to defeat or possibly even kill a foe who can regenerate by overtaxing their healing factor and leaving them susceptible to attacks.

Dragon Aspect

Mul- Strength

Qah- Armor

Diiv- Wyrm

This shout allows Squall to grow spectral dragon scales, which increase all of Squall's attributes by roughly 1,000 times. This also makes Squall immune to almost every form of damage, physical attacks do almost nothing to Squall in this state and magical attacks usually only have a minimal effect on him. This is considered to be one of Squall's most powerful shouts, as it makes him much more powerful than he was before, and even then, he was to be feared. In this state, Squall will start to lose a bit of his sanity, making him extremely dangerous and almost feral to anyone, or anything, that dares to step in his path. However, it should be noted that Squall has managed to keep this state in check every time he's used it.

Soul Tear

Rii- Essence

Vaaz- Tear

Zol- Soul

Squall shouts deep into his target's very soul, causing it to rapture apart and explode violently. This attack is almost a guaranteed kill when used against a foe who has a soul, as most foes with souls are incapable of surviving without their soul. Those who can resist soul-destroying abilities will be able to resist this, but they may still suffer some damage from the pure amount of force that's put into this shout.

Soul Chain

Donth- Pull

Raf- Hole

Sken- Chain


The Forbidden Shout (AKA Soul Fog)

Ven- Wind

Mul- Strong

Riik- Gale

The only shout that Squall fears to use due to it's particularly dangerous nature. This shout creates a dense fog that attaches it's own twisted energy to all of the poor souls who get stick inside of it. This fog then takes away the energy from every soul that enters it and transfers the gained energy to Squall. Due to this shout's destructive and inhumane nature, Squall avoids using it unless left with no other choice, since this is capable of literally draining the soul out of someone and leaving them behind as a lifeless husk. Squall has only been forced to use this shout once, with horrific results occurring from it's use, an entire village was wiped from the map from Squall using just the first word of this shout. No one, not even Squall himself, knows what may happen if he were to use 2 of the words, and no one wants to know what would happen if it ever came down to Squall having to use all 3 words.


Squall's God Form

Squall's God Form watching over a village while invisible to the humans living there


Limit (Times 5000, this form also allows Squall to move and react faster than before. This form along with Squall's natural skill is a lethal combination for virtually any enemy. Even those who are also skilled in the ways of combat may be outmatched by this form's pure strength and speed plus Squall's plethora of powers and weapons at his disposal)

Dragon (Times 300 thousand, allows Squall to grow dragon wings and fly through the air, but he remains mostly human in appearance. He starts to gain his dragon scales in this form, making him far more resistant to damage in this state than he was before, in addition to making him immune to all mortal-tier poisons and all but the strongest god-tier poisons)

Dragon God (Unknown Multiplier, turns Squall into a full-grown dragon with golden-white scales as he becomes the Dragon God reincarnated. This form also gives Squall godlike attributes, access to all elemental breaths, even more resistance to all forms of damage, and it makes all of his shouts roughly 10,000 times stronger than they were previously)


Squall's ability to quickly master new weapons is astonishing, he's been able to master a plethora of weapons in the amount of time it takes for most people to become proficient in just one.

Squall's Dragon Durability and Regeneration make him nearly impervious to pain, even the other Gods have had difficulty with damaging him due to the effects being stacked.

Squall's true power is nearly unlimited, even more so now that he's the Dragon God. He's proven to be stronger than most of the other Gods, at least in terms of strength. As seen when Squall managed to block a punch from the Creator God of his multiverse, while he was still just a Mortal.

Squall's ability to read movements and strike with the utmost precision on the turn of a dime make him a very dangerous person to piss off. Some have found this out the hard way, and they payed for it. Such as when the shady warrior Hensido tried to stab Squall in the back from behind after being spared and Squall turning his back to him, only for Squall to catch him with a stab from Excalibur that pierced his heart and made him drop his dagger as Squall still had his back to him.



Squall, in his base form and his limit form, isn't resistant to magical attacks. Strong magical attacks in those forms may be able to deal some damage to him that he won't be able to just "shake off" like he can in his Dragon and Dragon God forms.

Squall is pretty much a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none, leaving him with no true specialty. However, his sword and shield ability has been noted to be more effective than the rest of his weapons.

Squall's usual apathetic approach to things is easily capable of pissing off those around him by his lack of emotion and caring for others. However, this can sometimes, albeit quite rarely, be used to his own advantage by forcing a foe to charge straight at him, leaving themselves wide open for him to strike.



  1. Squall's Dragon Shouts were inspired by, and most were ripped from, Skyrim.
  2. Squall, by definition, is a demigod since his father is the Sun God and his mother is the Moon Goddess. But Squall started as a Mortal and ascended into Godhood at the end of his story.
  3. Squall's equipment is very much like that of Link's from across multiple Legend of Zelda games. This was done on purpose, since Squall was originally based on both Link and the Dragonborn.
  4. Squall's Spectral Clone, Reanimate, and Soul Fog shouts were all present in Skyrim, but they all were inaccessible by the player without using cheats/console commands.
  5. Jylena is Squall's older sister, which makes sense considering that Squall's parents are the Sun God & Moon Goddess, just like Jylena. However, the 2 of them don't get along very well due to her being arrogant about how she's the first child of their parents and that's why she was given the stars themselves to rule over while Squall was given scales and breath attacks.